Launch Control: Maximum attack at STPR Rally & Isachsen clashes with Block in Munich – Episode 8

Launch Control – Episode 8: “Nothing Comes Easy”
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David Higgins and Craig Drew of Subaru Rally Team USA fight back from a Day 1 mechanical problem (see Episode 7) to salvage any Rally America Championship points they can, as their main rival heads towards a win. Can they possibly get a podium, after starting the day in 21st overall? It is maximum attack, and the pair are flying…but not everything goes smoothly.

In Munich, the Subaru PUMA Rallycross Team drivers, Bucky Lasek, Dave Mirra, and Sverre Isachsen are finally getting the opportunity to race door-to-door in Global Rallycross competition. Sverre Isachsen makes it to the finals, and finds himself on two wheels through turn one. His ongoing rivalry with Ken Block gets heated only three turns before the finish. It’s a dramatic finish to a busy month for the Vermont Sportscar and Subaru rally teams.

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This is everything it takes to win. This is everything that gets in the way of victory. This is Launch Control.


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  1. Senna did a one off rally in 1983, other F1 drivers have better stats than him. The best rally driver on planet earth is Sebastien Loeb.

  2. in his defense, he apologized afterwards and I think he really was sorry. race accidents like that happen when ten cars are on such a small track at the same time.

  3. yeah like if he needed a sponsor to tell him that. ken block is a business himself, if the sponsors were worried, he would be in the first place. cause hoonigan aint a racing team, its a million dollar enterprise.

  4. I could not see from the angle if it was done on purpose, but if the driver, just tried to quickly drive back, maybe he could have caught up. This kind of racing is really tight. Earlier, the Subaru was up on 2 wheels, how come he did not angry at the person who caused that? It could have damaged the car.

  5. I didn't say anything about the ERC. and if u wanna talk about domination in that serious.. thatd be Tanner Foust, especially for this year. and If Sverre was one of the best on the world he'd be able to do something good in the GRC, which he doesn't.. not his fault the Ford guys know how to setup their cars. The Subarus aren't good. and yeah Mirra and Sverre did alright in ATL but still cant match the Fords. 2 of the last 3 races Sverre has jumped a start and wrecked someone and still cant win.

  6. Sverre is the best of the Puma guys by far, but he's definitely not going to live up to his ERC greatness in the GRC if he keeps running those big, under-powered Subarus. Fords are dominating this series and I see that happening for a while.

  7. not really he might be there to bring back ford to its great rally heritage tbh cosworth made Subaru but ford made cosworth popular and where they are today

  8. i don't really like x games rally cross they need to make the rules about crashing people more strict, its a race not a demolition derby. Subaru definitely needs to get better drivers for the rally cross im sure there are actual pro racers that would like to take there place.

  9. Bucky Lasek and Dave Mirra… I don't know much about these guys other than they got famous for skateboarding and bmx. Are they actually good rally drivers, or was their hiring more of a publicity thing? From my ignorant point of view, it looks like they're not good enough for this and Subaru should have hired somebody else who is better at rallying. But for all I know they could be great and just had a bad day in this video. Any insight?

  10. This…The words that i am about to say i hope and pray everyone reads.

    This sport is epitome of all master craftsmanship in whatever standard, when i look at sportsmanship i see a real marvel watching the Motorsport of rallying it brings together an excellent group of individuals and an extreme drive to focus, especially this team.

    This is the very first time in my life i have watched a sport that got me on the edge of my seat, my heart racing, my concentration on that extreme level as if i was there.

    The Subaru team should be put down as a team of people higher than legends.

    The People in this team should be put down as heroes.

    When i saw that crash i thought it was the end but to my surprise it was only the beginning.

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