Late night engine rebuild, racing Lizzy in her new loaner car at No Prep Kings Bandimere

After hurting the engine in the Great 8, we decided to freshen it up overnight before the Invitational, and Lizzy calls me out first round in her loaner car. No Prep Kings Bandimere, Denver Colorado. Be sure to check out the Shocker Club Patreon if you are interested in even more behind the scenes content!
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  1. Mike has been running really well. Kye, flip that visor down and make sure your right hand is protected properly! It’s not a big deal until it is! Safety first, especially with what happened to Mike in Ohio!

  2. Keep grabbing for that dragon's tail and you'll grasp it just like you had before. Great teamwork and with Adam at your side, you'll definitely achieve your goal. Cheers form Chi-town and we'll cheer for you in the next one at Rockingham. 🤜💥🤛

  3. Keep it up man! That thrashing, attention to detail and dedicated team you have is why you’re always at the top.
    Thanks for another video!

  4. Didn’t used to like Kye but came to respect and like him after seeing what a hard worker he is. Pretty incredible what they do, Ryan Martin is my favorite racer but Kye is definitely number 2 and not number 2 in a bad way.

  5. Why waste the extremely large amount of Nitrous after each hit? I could understand having a little bit in the lines you need to get rid of. But not a 30 second blast!! WoW

  6. I'm glad to see you're doing your own thing and getting away from that new prep 405 they clearly was not going to let you win calling races against you that you clearly won they're just pissed off because you take an old school nitrous car and outrun all their new technology turbo garbage they didn't like that but they know who's the fastest out there

  7. Kye started liking you until you started taking first round call outs really hope you lose the championship earn your points liking Ryan does be a man and draw out the bag

  8. Why in the phukk did you change cars right in the middle of the season, I honestly believe the way show Stopper was running & Ryan going out early the last couple weeks you would had the lead in points if you would had finished the year out with show Stopper, & brought shocker out next year,

  9. No worries kye you know when shocker shows up everyone is in trouble y’all just keep thrashing and lining out the kinks because when that bad boy shows up it’s going to break a lot oh hearts 😊

  10. Kye, with your street roots for racing credentials how do the other racers who only raced at the tracks accept you and the other street racers turned track No-Prep? especially with your success at being one of the fastest on any given race. and sharing the top of the list with Lizzy and Ryan Martin for No Prep Racing

  11. So, I am assuming you are ready to lose that right thumb if you ever go up in flames like murillo…..there are 4 fingers and a thumb in the gloves for a reason… you take the time to wear a headsock, but cant be bothered to drop the visor….as martin how that worked out for him too……stupid ass people.

  12. Did Ryan (Crybaby) Martin demand that Lizzy be kicked off the list. And he sent to the bottom since she was not racing in her own car? Since Ryan cake back halfway through the season in a pro charger. He should have been sent to the bottom of the list. He cheats using Nitrous if his pro charger ain't going to be able to pass who ever he's racing.

  13. Kye ain't afraid to get dirty and Hone out some Cylinders when he needs too, That's just another reason why he's one of my Favorites in this No Prep Racing. He definitely got The Knowledge to not just Race these cars, But also can tear em down from the ground up, and put em back together. I've seen many others that are basically just Drivers, Bobby Ducote is probably the Biggest Race Car Driver ONLY, He Always got other people tearing into his Engines Everytime there's an issue, And even seen someone else adjusting his Suspension for him, I'm not Hating at all, Just Comparing Kye,s Work Ethic, to someone else's. And I'm Always Wondering When are you gonna Kick the Nitrous Habit ??? And try putting some Boost through one of those Musi Engines !!!

  14. Kye, PLEASE put your helmet visor DOWN!!! You might need those eyes in your head for something!!!
    Ask Ryan Martin about stuff going inside your open visor.

  15. Once again Thank you Kye Keely for taking a quick minute and signing an autograph for me, at Norwalk this past weekend. you were in a hurry to get to your car right before your turn to race and you took the time to sign.

  16. So dumb question are the motors there running now the same as top fuel or I'm mean just under them but like still can rip them down and rebuild them in the pits

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