Larry Larson’s 3000hp Truck DOMINATES 1200 Mile Race!!!

Larry Larson – One of the most INSANE street car racers in the world DOES IT AGAIN, taking home $15,000  Larson currently holds the record for the fastest licensed vehicle in the world at a staggering 5.95 in the 1/4 mile! Lucky for us, we were able to follow Larson through the trials and tribulations of Rocky Mountain Race Week 2015! Drivers and their street cars are put to the test by driving over 1200 miles through the Rocky Mountains racing at 4 different tracks on 5 days! 

Larson’s S10 is a MONSTER, especially to see driving down the street, the truck is equipped with a 620ci Brodix block & heads from ProLine, TWIN 98mm Turbos and shifted with a Rossler TH400 with a Gear Vendors Overdrive to help maintain decent gas mileage on the road trip.  This combination helped him put yet another title under his belt at Rock Mountain Race Week.
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  1. Kyle thank you for a great video and I'd like to put a special thank you to Larry Larson what a stand up guy he let you interview him all the time he's honest about everything just a good up straight dude and I'm glad he holds the records that he does nobody deserves it more than him good job Larry good job Kyle in 1320

  2. Most of these guys seem to be pretty good sports about the quick interviews and having your cameras on their vehicles. Interesting and cool.

  3. Listening to Larry's knowledge on turbo motors for years taught me heat management is "THE" thing you must be in control all the time ,to be the boss of that engine bay…!!

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