Lady Owned 2017 Subaru STi Time Attack Build!

As requested a walk-around of my 2017 STi Time Attack Build! Check it out for some build inspiration!

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  1. You know your rear wing makes some big downforce when you can sit on it and it doesn't even flex one millimeter. Awesome build!

  2. Hey Sally! Just wondering why you switched from a CAE shifter to a kartboy one ? I saw a video from 2019 and you had a CAE shifter installed.

    Also what mount is that holding the accessport?

  3. I’m dropping my car off at IAG in a week or so for a full 900 block setup stock turbo location. You can push way more power if you wanted too right? Also how did you get into time attack it’s a dream of mine that I’m chasing right now but 27k was the most I could put into the car at the moment no sponsors. Thanks!!

  4. Hi sally your cars awesome my question this is that your Daly driving car or do u have a other stock wrx ?? I never own a wrx before so am hoping to get a 2020 wrx limited white soon I hope 🙂

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