KYLE 1320 VIDEO R8 ALPHA 12 BUILD | Pt. 3 The Reveal

The build is complete! Kyle Loftis of 1320 Video dropped off his 2017 Audi R8 just 3 weeks ago looking to make some serious but reliable power! Watch as Alex finishes installing his Alpha 12 Twin Turbo kit just before hitting the dyno to make some boost! Thank you again to Kyle and the 1320 crew for choosing AMS Performance. Come see the R8 in person along with the AMS crew at TX2K 2021!

Kyle’s R8 Build Pt. 1:
Kyle’s R8 Build Pt. 2:

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  1. Huge respect for the engineering in your kits, an absolute weapon, what is the blue fender protection product? i'd like to use this in my workshop

  2. 6:00 Those are not "nice clamps" there, they cut into lines when tightened due to the perforations on them. Get hose clamps that have a solid smooth back side so they don't cut into your silicone hoses or whatever you're clamping them to. Either high end screw drive clamps or T-bolt clamps. I realize they're on the low pressure side, but still. Just speaking from years of experience building functional turbo street cars. Nice project and great vid! Keep it up fellas!

  3. This Gives me goose bumps I can only imagine how Kyle must feel and how you all feel at AMS to know he is Definitely another Happy Customer. Loving this Build. Keep up the good work and the Cinematic is so😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲ch3ckd in

  4. With enough cash, you can make any car fast af. Was that build like 50k on top of the 100k you spent buying the car Kyle? Wish I was rich

  5. Working in an engineering start-up company, I see how well this company is managed. QC and documentation is king. Nice job y'all, so cool to see an aftermarket car parts company ran with such good standards.

  6. Does AMS make anything for the W213 AMG E63s? I see you have stuff for the 5.5 liter but not the 4.0.

  7. Louk the motors is the BMW e34 M5 the motors is the forgé one big turbo et 3000 ch louk is the BMW e30 motors e34 m5 turbo mamamia is the bomba the 400 M is 6s 5 yes is ok

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