KYE KELLEY’S MASSIVE CHANGE – No Prep News Episode 166

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  1. It is 100% not a roumor with Ryan. The Red car will be a proline screw blower hemi. I know for a fact because I asked Ryan on a q@a that very question at PRI and he confirmed

  2. will kye run a Musi 959 with a screw blower… is this a nod that the limits on the screw blowers have been lifted?… Bigger prochargers,175% overdrive+ on roots & screw blowers, Nitrous on cars running nitro fuel??? the game begins… really make it down & Dirty… NPK vs the world…

  3. You would think Dave wouldnt want to go so he can test test test test test test the Audi. Looks like Farmtruck is going to with the Farmtruck. Guessing they are going to race the "lesser" cars or go "Fishing"

  4. Is there anyone but me not interested in drivers play by play after a race? I never saw you, heard you, boom, lifted , sketchy, over and over? I just saw the race for myself!

  5. I feel like disco Dean should go back to his old car because the Cadillac and new engine combo just hasn't performed for him this season like it should have and I can see Robin Roberts going to Australia to race because there's no doubt he's the wealthiest racer in the NPK and he's extremely popular but I was shocked that Dave didn't go… I don't think there will be enough competition over there to run against these guys but I may get proven wrong on that 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. Seems awful strange that Kye is going to run a screw blower setup and it seems that Pat and Lizzy both wouldn't care about that idea either but who knows what's really going on with that deal

  7. Ryan Martin should be fast, he does have Steve Petty tuning that ride and he seems to keep the newest and best equipment available also, to work with

  8. If you could compare the testing figures (amount of budget spent on testing, amount of test passes, etc.) I'd suspect they correlate pretty well with the final standings.

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