Kye Kelley Wrecks The Shocker – No Prep News Episode 118

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  1. Man this video was rough..
    I had to put playback speed to .50x just to get through it.. between how fast you talk & the pitch of your voice — at regular speed my ears started to bleed! 😫

  2. @9:03 do you have a time limit to get the outro done or do you just like to try to speak faster than your mouth allows the words to come out 🤷🏻‍♂️
    even at .50x speed i could barely understand you

  3. Sim bruh…. A month to switch his combo? Pat will do it in 24 hrs. I realize you're searching for content but this ain't breaking news or solid content. And lastly, slow down, the addies ain't a good look

  4. Well you know Kye has two Shockers and then he has the newest car Showstopper that he has run two years of NPK with. I believe they wrecked the nicest/fastest Shocker car that used to run on NPK back in the day. Sure his tuner Jason was driving it if I had to guess. Believe that’s his name. The original shocker has those gold wheels and they only use it to run on terrible roads where ya can’t apply much power. Many of these guys have two of the same rides…JJ had two Ole Heavy trucks and two zip-ties. That newest zip-tie that Tricia was driving in the wreck was a super nice car that was purple before they wrapped or painted it. They haven’t had that car even two years yet. They did get Hummingbird back together and racing again after lots of man hours and work. Not sure how well the car is performing but it’s back racing.

  5. The reason JJ was able to continue running hummingbird is because MSO family street racer's are a real family they are one for all all day One that's what set's the MSO family street racer's apart from all the other team's

  6. Maybe less caffeine dude. Pray that JJ and his wife recover 100%. I feel awful anytime a racer wrecks. No racer wants to see wrecks, broken cars or injuries. Racers love to race.

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