Kye Kelley vs Jim Howe Invitational Round 2 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Ennis NPK 2022

round 2


  1. Why you fixed the race so Kye would lose , You know you you don't work for Discovery/Pilgrim 😝🤪😜🤣
    Just joking !!!!
    Thank You Mrs.Cheri and Mr.Ryan for sticking it out

  2. It was said in the pits that Jim was having car problems,and seem like a long time to clean the track?Maybe they were stalling so Jim could get his car fixed,what I heard not sure about it!and anybody who says Adam is not a good tuner don't follow racing much,he is one of the best tuners out there!I think Kye would be better with a different engine builder,he is gonna have to change something that's for sure!!

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