Kayla Morton All Abroad the Hot Mess Express!!

No Prep Kings racer Kayla Morton took some time off to focus on her family and didn’t compete much last season. This season during the street outlaws live event in Tucson, Arizona Kayla entered the big tire class. Kayla Morton has never backed down from a challenge as she has won many no preps when no prep was first starting out. A true og of the no prep scene Kayla Morton has done many big accomplishments which are going to the finals of outlaw armageddon to competing in cash days. Kayla Morton has seen it all and race it all. But, one accomplishment has evaded Kayla which is a no prep kings win under her belt. WIth wasting no time Kayla Morton cuts the field in half and races her way to the finals. In the finals Kayla meets Odom Racing who races his blown GTR. Check out the great racing in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Not sure why it's a surprise to some people, Kayla has been a contender since her and Bosta raced years ago. Congratulations dear lady keep up the good work.

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