Karma Camaro Loses a Header Collector in Epic Race!

In this video we have the karma camaro which is a nitrous setup. The Karma camaro entered the big tire class at the brawl at the falls event held at witchita falls, texas. The Karma camaro is fast but had a tall order when he drew the ultra fast sam harvey. Sam has gone through a couple of cool looking cars but one thing is consistent with Sam is that they are all nice looking cars with alot of power. Sam drew the Karma Camaro and it was a race that had the Karma Camaro ahead off the line. Instant lead for the Karma Camaro but Sam Harvey dig deep and boosted his around the Karma Camaro. At the same process the Karma Camaro lost a header collector. It was a wild and fun race to watch so check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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