Kallee Mills Twin Turbo Camaro!!

Street Outlaws live no prep kings event was held at the alabama and texas race tracks featured in this video. Kallee Mills drives a twin turbo camaro known as the golden gorilla. The golden gorilla is very well known in the radial racing world but transitioned to the no prep surface. The car is driven by Kallee Mills who is no stranger to going fast. Kallee has driven a small tire version of the golden gorilla known as the golden panda. Kallee had done well in the small tire x275 class but now is the big tire class in which has some of the fastest no prep cars in the world. Kallee drove in alabama but Kayla crashed into her. This did not stop Kallee from racing as she duct taped the car and continued racing. This die hard attitude is what will make her a champion one day. Check out her runs in this video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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