JZ Vs LS – The Best Engines IN THE WORLD!

The JZ and LS based engines are two of the world’s most popular choices for swaps and tuning. The 2JZ out of the Supra holds boost like nothing else, and the LS1, LS6, LT1, LT2, and LS7 from the corvette have all made good power. But these motors also came in cars like the Aristo and the Silverado. They also get swapped into 240sx, M3’s, and even mini coopers! But which one is the best? This video is where you find out.

Versus put two automotive giants toe to toe and Joey Rassool tallies up points to see who is the victor. Anything from heritage, performance, and even availability are taken into consideration.

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  1. LS is cheaper(more like less expensie but yeah), easier to find, smaller(fits anywhere no displacement issues)(even a Miata), more gens(30 years worth of engines, been around for long)… Need I go on?

  2. I have supras. But due to lack of supply LS wins for a swap as 2j is too expensive nowadays. When they were 2k it was better option. Cheap JDM power 7m ftw, can easily do reliable 600hp+++ for a quarter price of JZ. Again still comes to preference. A lot of the comments as BS though – real gear head can not hate on either one, that's just silly. These are some of the best engines and both kick ass

  3. for me it is like this:
    wanna swap your engine no problem, medium to high power, not a dragster, go with the LS
    wanna be part of the supreme royalty of cars, be a king among peasants, indestructible, and ultra "is that a supra" kind of guy, go with the 2jz, might be more expensive but 2-stepping your neighbours once, it will make everything worth it

  4. But you can buy a new 2jz block and head from factory – atleast i can get it imported here in AUS from Japan.

    Around 7k aud for a shortblock & head.

  5. Well given that lm7 5.3L is so much cheaper and makes more hp in stock form than the z2j. Dispite hp per liter better balance better head flow. Blah blah blah. I'd say ls/vortecs are way better. Period

  6. I'm pretty sure there are LS engines out running over 50 psi. And hello the Ford Barra those can hold as much or more then a 2JZ and make over 2000hp.
    My LS3 is almost at 1500hp crank but still over 1400whp+ . That's good enough for me.

  7. Honestly my 2 favorite motors ever built eveerrrrr……GM LT 6 is the sixth generation small block and has DOHC You know when GM goes to do overhead cam they end up with the most powerful natural aspirated V8 of all time

  8. Leroy has been running a built Texas speed 427 for the past couple years. If you watch Cleetus vids you know his best dyno was 1547 to the wheel. So it is closer to the 2jz.

  9. Put a Hemi and you are good to go

    7.0(426) supercharged 1.000hp
    6.4(392) naturally aspirated 480hp
    6.2 supercharged up to 707hp to 850hp
    6.1 naturally aspirated 425hp
    5.7 naturally aspirated probably 350 to 380hp

    Want something old? Well…. goodluck

  10. Out of topic but i'm saying this: Rb's engine has a problem at high hp and became unreliable engine and expect in which most RB fanboys don't see alot, while 2jz literally straight up more stock power than RB engines and can easily get through more than 1000hp and incredibly reliable engine. Not being hater of RB and i love Rb's also but, the reality is for easily maintenance and easily hp beast wins for " 2JZ".

  11. Bruh so much hate on the 2jz ge but tons making over 300whp to the wheels with 8-9spi of boost with cheap turbo kits and making good torque threw the whole power band from the vvti only difference is the piston and oil squirter and that can be fixed on the ge … most corvettes and firebird with ls1 engines are always and I mean ALWAYS broken down..

  12. This guy lacks excitement. If he was a car, he might be comparable to a 54hp Ford Pinto. What we want is ZZ632/1000 Big Crate Engine Humphrey edition.

  13. Yeah already have my dream build a 2017 Honda Accord sport with a 2jz gte engine then Hopefully I will still have my scat pack and I can race them

  14. Did you say the 2J crushed it in reliability?… By crushed, you mean sent to a crusher… right? Since literally everyone wants to make 1000hp out of their 2j's they have become notoriously unreliable. My friend's Supra is constantly having some sort of problem that puts the car out of commission for weeks. Meanwhile, LS's are known for being pretty much bulletproof, especially the older truck engines.

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