Justin Swanstrom’s Test pass almost got catastrophic: Street outlaws NPK Bandimere speedway


  1. Damn. That track is like ice. I think some launchers are in order. If it was my junk I'd put a sensor on the steering shaft. Any time the wheel went past 90deg from straight it'd blow the chutes

  2. hardly wrecked at all just a tap .just enough to get all his lover's in here trying to troll 🤣. keep talking about him guys it's EXACTLY what he wants ! the more you cry about him the more his name is out there and the more money in his pocket 💵.

  3. Not sure why you would even post a video of someone hitting wall, these drivers put blood sweat and tears into these cars and there’s to many nasty people commenting. Smh jay I’m a fan of yours and donate to you but that’s not cool let him post that if he wants to.

  4. Why did he hit the gas when the lights came down? And I think the lights on the Christmas tree are messed up. It didn’t go yellow yellow yellow green

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