Justin Swanstrom on No Prep Kings, Radial Racing & Talking Trash on the Internet | The Wes Buck Show

Wes talks with STREET OUTLAWS: No Prep Kings star and longtime small tire drag racer Justin “Lil’ Country” Swanstrom about his rise to prominence on the No Prep scene, the inner workings of the show, the future of radial tire racing, his thoughts on NHRA drag racing and much, much more.

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  1. It's great to have the opportunity to listen to the racers without the every day BS about sponsorships and other aspects of securing a ride. These folks and their crews make it happen and I live them for it! Also, I'd like to add that it's good to see a hometown fella like yourself doing these interviews with some of the folks that run. Thanks Wes, for what you're doing and how you've helped the "Door Slammer" racers get on let us in to their world for a bit. Tell your folks hello for me, and keep putting out this kind of content. I am deffo subscribing!

  2. Justin and his team are as real as you see on video and tv. We took my 6 year old to NPK this year for his birthday and they treated him like a king. Brian gave him the run through of the car, justin let him hop on his golf cart and hang out in their trailer while they were tuning with his dad, Justin's mom gave him a free swan gang shirt. We have been to NHRA events, Promod stuff and the experience is not even close, even smaller no prep events the guys are just stand up middle class people.

  3. Wes great points made during the interview with my Ninja Lil' Countryand his Trash Stash! I feel the NHRA needs to abandon Promotion; and Focus on Sanctioning/Safety/Technical Development of the sport! Your thoughts? Now then….
    Picture this…Orlando Speed World, Super Nationals of Grudge Racing, the Staging lanes are filled with the baddest Small Tire Money car's of the Day! I'm talking about real Earners! Car's with names like; Keisha, Claudette, Call It What Ya Want To, Jason X, Candy Crusher, Etc. It looks like there 's 10,000 people on the starting line! It's so awesome! (I wish I could insert a clip!) THE NHRA hates it! Will they ever evolve? Somthing else, I have personally told Big Chief thank you on multiple occasions and you should too, (anyone reading this) because he saved drag racing, it was on life support 10 yrs.; ago, I am not just talking NHRA….today I think there are 28 maybe 26 tracks in NC alone (Racing Paradise) What is the NHRA anyways? The Power Aid, Mello Yellow, Half Throttle Lucas Oil Fun police lol! I'm just confused…if you wanna see Drag Racing come to Ohio tonight, KD Dragway Midnight Madness, the july Race crowd was so large, the Sheriffs Dept. forced track owner to suspend ticket sale due to the County Wide traffic jam that the event was creating. Look, I'm just the Witness to these events, but you sir have Influence, there are good things happening all around us, keep growing Drag Racing!

  4. I've avoided little county's you tube since I realized he changes cars more than tires and I don't want to give him the .18 cents per view. The dad is cool a.f. I just realized that swandong talks and acts like Donald Long, only not near as cool or tolerable. Is swandong The Ducks kid left in a gutter and his cool foster dad picked him up?

  5. For years the NHRA tried to stamp out competing series so the money had to funnel through the organization. I'm not sure everyone understands just HOW important Big Chief and Murder Nova have been in changing the whole face of drag racing. If you were at the PRI show in 2015 or 2016 you'd know exactly what I mean.

  6. The NHRA was created to give kids a safe place to race so they didn’t have to do it on the streets, after 3 mins it becomes a safety issue here’s an interview with the official that disqualified those two drivers https://youtu.be/hgwfn6VLeGA in NHRA they have a 3 min rule 3 mins from the time you burnout to stage only way you get more time is if you brake then you get an extra 3 mins to fix it or you get DQ’d my dad was a starting line official when he wasn’t racing he’s DQ’s ppl for the same reason

  7. Great show,big fan of Justin. I commented few days ago my thoughts on the burn down DQ and want to add to it,I was at the Slick 50'S when WJ and Geffrion had there stage battle and the crowd went crazy,need more stuff like that!

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