Justin Swanstrom Lexus Power!!

No Prep Kings racer Justin Swanstrom bursted into the no prep scene and has made a large presence known. Swanstrom started off a couple of years ago running in the future street outlaw class. Swanstrom was driving a nitrous assisted camaro and struggled to get the car into the winner’s circle. A new year later Justin Swanstrom revealed the green lexus in the video. The new car is just amazing reaching a couple of wins with the car and reached the top five in the points standing. A large accomplishment from being the new year with the car. What makes this team so great? The ability to bring the race to the racers. He wastes no time calling out the fastest in the group and backs it up. Check Swanstrom in action in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Swanstrom has got to be the most humble an appreciative person in NPK plus he funds an works on the car himself. Btw where was Natalie she like the face of this channel we just love her awesome intros her enthusiasm is incredible to watch

  2. New baby goes to sleep to that blown hemi as loud as I can play it for her out cold she was inside wife at bowling green now goes to sleep to it when nothing else works!!

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