Junkyard Stude vs The Chevelle from Hell

Street Outlaws no prep kings series rolled into Tulsa, Oklahoma where they had an Outlaw Big tire class. What is an outlaw big tire class? It is one of the easiest classes to remember the rules because there are no rules in terms of what you can run. The outlaw big tire class is designed to be an all out class where anything goes. In one lane of the outlaw big tire class is the beautiful wrapped chevelle that is nicknamed the chevelle from hell. It has one of the nicest wraps we’ve seen in the outlaw big tire class. In the other lane we have a familiar car in the no prep scene or even street racing is the junkyard stude. The junkyard stude can basically go down any unprepped surface and struck fear in the street racing scene. This is one fast car that can be raced anywhere which is insane because most cars in his class can’t go down an unprepped surface. But, thats the junkyard stude expertise which is go down an unprepped surface fast. Check out these two race in the outlaw big tire class and see all the action between everyone in the class in the video. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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