John Ricca Call out video – Street Outlaws No Prep kings Australia

Here we have John Ricca from RPM Race Parts Melbourne call out video for Street Outlaws USA v Aus No Prep Kings.

John has not only put his hand up to race at home track Calder Park Raceway but also for Sydney Dragway. He mentions he is willing to race anyone who has come to Australia regardless of them being big tyre or small tyre but he mentioned the likes of Jeff Lutz and Robin Roberts. He also gave us a look at his Pontiac ‘Bin Chicken’ he will be his weapon of choice when taking on the American racers!


  1. 1st Ozzy callout I've seen that might be able to run with the Yanks.
    I won't mention the 19 yo kid with the turbo'd LS in a barn door chassis 🙂

  2. Hey if you want real racing hit up MSO or Nola all you get from the rest are excuses or maybe even a reach around watch your self anyway I'm the real 405 Champ no one will race I'll be waiting Reaper out

  3. Everyone thinks they got the car to beat the street outlaw crew but this gent says he can be competitive with them and that makes me think he really does have what it takes. Good luck and hope to see you racing against them.

  4. Skins are not as heavy as actual quarter panels and roof with the steel pillows….thats why they kicked reaper off the 405 list because he did his car just like yours…..

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