John Force suffers major explosion in Chicago | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

John Force was able to walk away from his car after suffering another major explosion and said that the car will not ever beat him.


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John Force suffers major explosion in Chicago | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING



  1. Everyone saying hang it up? Gtfo of here. He’s had much much worse. He’s still one of the best out there and it’s in his blood. All these experts “it’s easy to drive in a straight line.” Comical.

  2. Thank God you are alright Mr. Force. And I know my kids and I will be seeing you for a long time to come. Love your spirit, energy, and you Mr. Force. God bless you.

  3. Pretty soon the fans will be demanding their ticket money back if they go to the NHRA drags and don't get to see a John Force crash.

  4. Glad to see John the" Force " Is ok . What a Legend . This car will Not beat me , Understand ! It's my best friend & it's not treating me right .

  5. John force without question, is one of the toughest and bravest racers I have ever seen . well into his 60s John force just does not quit. John has a great work ethic. If you want it you have to work for it and go for it.

  6. John, stick with it man! There’s not many of us out there that can say that you love what you do. Many of us go to jobs that you don’t love and only dream of what you’d like to do with your life. You get only one shot at this thing called life so keep on going my friend. You bring so much to this motor sport and wouldn’t be the same without you on that track!

  7. One of the, if not THE best, fuel drivers ever, but that old body doesn't heal as quick as it used to.
    Kind of makes me think of that song "Who's gonna fill their shoes?" God bless you JF.

  8. "This racecar will NOT EVER BEAT ME! Ya understand? It's my best friend and it ain't treating me right. But you gotta take care of it, you gotta get it right. And I will never give up on it until it kills me! That's the God's truth!" Let's hope it doesn't get to that John…

  9. Gods truth is you never gave up cause I remember you 50 years ago and you did everything wrong first, so after that you had no choice except to win and thats what you do when you don't give up. THANKS FOR BEING A PROFESSIONAL ROLE MODEL. From the first full body rear engine dragster that took 3 meets at the Stardust to prove that was the way to do this. Everyone else be trying to figure out how to out do determination and none can out do yours. Hey you got my keys? Sure love them daughters and your wife's support is awesome. Praise God! We know who is in the back seat.

  10. They are having problems with the cars again. John lost control of the car, his tires blew, the axle dropped, and went into the wall and his engine exploded. Courtney who is also the team's engineer chopped her throttle and blew the chutes and went over to help get her dad out of the wreck with the rest of the team. Peak will have to go back to the shop along with Advanced Autoparts. John's last race Peak blew up and he had to use his escape capsule and the chutes got crossed with Shoemakers and both crashed. three races ago Courtney also had problems with her car and it blew up at Norwack she escaped unscathed. Brittany had the nosed sheared off her dragster but she was back in the race a few weeks later. Rob lost his brakes and had to drive into the sand pits and use his chutes. It happens all the time and Team Force is trying to make sure the cars stay intact.John knows if your car is having trouble you do three steps: 1. keep control if you lose an axle keep it away from the wall, 2. signal the other driver and your crew chief to stop then shut both cars down to avoid an explosion, and the final step activate your escape capsule and get out. John went through all the steps and so did Courtney they will have to take all four cars back to the shop to find the cause of the crash.

  11. “I will never give up on it till it kills me”
    John Force

    Thing is John your family, friends and fans all love you. None of us wants to have you go out that way.

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