JJ da Bossโ€™ Trailer Catches Fire With Multiple Cars Inside – Street Race Talk Episode 260

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  1. I was mistaken, the two cars in the trailer were the new Ole Heavy and another new nova JJ bought called the Gray Goose. My apologies for saying the wrong cars in the video.

  2. In the beginning of the video and your last couple when you go "oh my gosh" I just think about sal off impractical jokers lol. Also, super sad about jj and his two hot rods. Luckily it wasn't the real ole heavy and it was the fake one and that new car he got this year for no prep but the real ole heavy will be back soon!!

  3. Hi Sim ABCXYZ
    First up, i enjoy your show every week all the way from Sunny South Africa.
    Always gives me a chuckle when i watch it.

    Next is, I'm in no way or means an expert with regards to fires and all that, so if I'm wrong in any way, sorry dude.
    Don't you think that maybe the cars JJ and Reaper was driving might have been still hot for example the exhaust or headers, then maybe a paper or piece of plastic blew onto it and caught fire?

    All the best for JJ and Reaper.
    I Know they will be back with a bang.

    Keep up the good show dude.

  4. Hey sims Ryan martin sripped down fireball camero said he was gonna cut the front end off a d redo said he wants to go with new combination ..he said not sure but when asked about nitrous he said not sure BUT said he has been talking to Pat Muncie and mentioned maybe running motor that is in lizzy and kyes car since he had trouble against thier combination ..whats your thoughts on this????Thanks great videos as always

  5. Sim haters gunna that's their job. Keep doing u. Excellent content we love what u do. Thanks for your show brother. People don't realize that u have a life too. Thank u either way

  6. Hey sim listen dudes my guy puts the info out there as he gets it 110 % so I don't know what ya'll talking about. And man is a freaking shame that yet another trailer goes up in flames and two awesome cars are lost its a great loss to the family that sucks as always another great video let's go sim ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  7. Just watched JJ live there were a car and a truck in the trailer that burned. The original Ole' Heavy and Heifer are safe and sound in his garage in Memphis.

  8. Every one is Saying this Catastrophe that happened to JJ recently was No accident, We Wanna Know What You Think Leave Your Comment Down Below, An Lets Just See How Fans An Racers Think If JJs Catastrophe to Ol Heavy an the Mystery Vehicle, Was A True Tragic Catastrophe or Not. . .

  9. Shawn is going to take the new "Murder Nova" to the top. He is dedicated to what he is doing. You do a awesome job on what you do little bruh. Don't let the wannabe's $h!t talking get ya wound up. It's not like you are live t.v.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  10. With Ryan Martin thinking about changing the combo after he's done re building the fireball getting the engine further back. And how Shawn's og is moving and hes doing some updates but has that combo working dam good. Then with dominator getting the hemi this next season of street outlaws should be some wild stuff. Off topic but have u heard anything from cheif? He has no u tube presence or Facebook really whats he been up to? bet he's got some things in the works with all thats goin on. Another great video been a bit since I commented but always watch keep it up man skys the limit ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ‘

  11. anyone who follows Jeff lutz should that his first ever race car was a 85 iroc z he put big tyres on it and drove it daily with the big tyres and his wife drove it he talks about it in a stainless works interview 3 years ago when his brother bought a Camaro after coming back from the gulf war and they started racing it and he had a nova that he was going to race but he had a kid bought a house and he then the iroc z to build a a race

  12. Apparently the two cars where the New Old Heavy (OG old heavy is safe at JJ house ๐Ÿ˜‰ and the second car was some chevy ll the gray ghost?? So Heifer and Old Heavy are still alive and kicking! JJ says he didn't have insurance though ๐Ÿ˜ž Thank Goodness all is Good with the Day family ๐Ÿ™

  13. Ol' heavy ain't going no where JJ said it him self yeeehaw love that ol' truck turns out it was the new ol' heavy he had built to keep up with the world!! And long live zip tie she was in the other trailer

  14. JJ still had ole heavy. He had the truck that looked like the original built by quin in Kentucky. It was a procharged small block but the original ole heavy will be out again next yr. He never really could get the truck that burnt figured out. The other was a another 66 nova he got on a trade. Zip tie is still OK

  15. Ya the you got knocked the fu– out seen was uncalled for blind side bullshit I think the big guy was just wanting to hit someone ttve bud keep up the good videos

  16. It wasnโ€™t those two cars he got cars that light like them the truck was another one he got made the other car he got a know a good price

  17. Hey sim how is jj telling if people are jumping is he saying if your tire cracks before his arms go down or the front bumper can't go past the start line before his arms go down? I don't ever see a starting line camera so how can he really tell.

  18. Each week due to the conditions on the street and that area it's got dust and dirt blowing on it. As far as the fight he just wanted to fight someone and they both walked into the argument to fight. Pete the Greek and his meathead friend. Yeah your right about Rankin and he's getting a team together who he's hoping that they will be good people and because there not it makes him look and feel bad about it and then Mike mirrilo saying it's not over yet to Rankin is wrong and he should say it to the man

  19. Hey preach on it sim. The fans know what you do and the real fans know we're to get the info on street racing and or no-prep racing. You are the leader of the discussion on racing on YouTube and I hope you are and will go even further than ever before. I think he will rebuild the cars or try to anyway.

  20. Sim if you know what is the reason for these trailers catching fire? I don't know why it happened and I've looked it up amd it is the biggest insurance problems with race cars and it's the trailer fire

  21. JJ released a vidio that showed what vehicles were damaged… It was the newer old heavy that got damaged.. He still has the og old heavy and is going to get it up and running

  22. Darn it man, looks like Jeff Gordon Jr on report,,, lol
    Yep just like Jeff ya got you info wronge,,, lol
    JK your doing a good job, lil behind but a good job,
    Thank's Jeff

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