JJ Da Boss Small Tire, Roxboro Motorsports Park

JJ Da Boss and his crew came to Roxboro Motorsports park. What a show, if you have never been to one of their events, you gotta make it out to one. The crowd, the racers and the atmosphere was unreal. We ended up with 48 small tire cars running on the no prep surface. What a night of racing! Could not have had a better guy win the race, fun times!

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  1. I subbed when I found your video of you cookie wheeling your piston to knock the sharp edges after a failure. I thought, "this can't be good". Been hooked ever since. Great content. Can't believe you don't have more subs. Maybe you should do some type of "like" contest to get more exposure.

  2. Between John and JJ how could you not have fun at that event. John such a good dude and JJ does so much for the racing community with getting the fans involved. Was hoping you would take it all John

  3. From crash to win! Congrats Brian great to see you get the W! TJ and crew, nice work as always as see you all in the next one!

  4. Mary and John you need to get that rear steer and check you could have won that event, not taking nothing from any of the other racers but just saying John had a fair chance

  5. Brian be driven💯💪🏻👍🏻💯 TJ it would’ve been AWESOME to seen you & Brian in the finals together, now that would be a GREAT NIGHT💯

  6. Jesse Collier (twin turbo elcamino) won on a 28” pro bracket radial at JJ arm drop race at irwindale drag strip in CA 2020. Radials are taking over again 🤘🏼

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