JJ Da Boss Racing This Weekend!

JJ Da Boss is coming to Roxboro this weekend. We are planning to run small tire on Friday and Big Tire on Saturday. Lets get this thing ready to rumble and try to get some redemption from last year. Hope to see ya’ll there!
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  1. Hey John, SRC is looking to get a good set of heads for his short block they just pulled out of Billys truck. thought maybe you could reach out to them about Race Flow Development. I left them a comment but they get so many, I thought if you reached out you'd have a better chance of reaching them than I would, those were some badass heads. just trying to help. they are looking to buy a good set of heads. love the content keep it coming and good luck out there and stay safe !!!

  2. Been there, done that on racing JJ and that crew (season 3 ep4 If I recall) shady shady business. You’re super easy going, and non confrontational, from what I see anyway. 9 out of 10 times, a person would be better off to just go ahead and pay the dude, save the fuel and tires. Good luck. Would love to see u go bust some ass !! Big fan!

  3. I'm leaving for Florida Saturday morning other wise I'd be there with you guys. I agree about the tire size situation but I've ran other events and it's the same 28 no w or 29 and the streets are the same way. Good luck this weekend.

  4. Hey man we raced them last weekend I ran zip tie 4 th round she jumped on me I didn't set …can't think fast enough…friends made to semi ran mso they Booth got jumped on either be ready set or leave maybe when his arms start up ..good luck

  5. Wish I could go this weekend!! Roxboro is only 35 minutes from me. That would be a fantastic time to watch TJ run these guys!! Only way it. Oils be any better than that is for billy and tommy to be here running them also!! Dang, that would be an amazing race to watch!!

    Good luck TJ!! Man, I’m gonna be praying for ya man!! And crossing my fingers and everything else!! I sure hope you do well brother!!!

    Take care and be safe out there brother!!!

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