JJ da Boss Arm Drops: The return of Tricia Wayne |Sketchy's Garage

Tricia Wayne returns to the driver seat of Ziptie for the first time after her wreck!


  1. Welcome back, Tricia. That mother/daughter race was badass!! And she Shelby stole it from her…. Tricia, you should GROUND HER for that… 😂😆😃. LOVE Y'ALL!! GOD BLESS AND BE WELL

  2. How awesome was that mother daughter race and the youngster stole the hit on Trisha. Great job good to see Trisha back in ziptie God bless and keep up the awesome work guys 💪 💯

  3. I am wondering if JJ cars are so fast why doesn’t he enter in NPK is it because he doesn’t have the advantage of the arm drop he has to race fare lol

  4. Thank you for the post !. So happy to watch Zip Tie became as healthy as before !. Just curious, who was that lady staging Zip Tie at first and second race ?🤔
    Also What's that JJ spraying to the motor and transmission ?🤔

  5. That’s how you do it Tricia Wayne Day ! I’m so proud of you ! for getting back in the car , that you probably had nightmares about , reliving the crash ? I don’t know if i would have the guts to do that ? Please be careful , and please “ , don’t ever race against JJ , again in the same event !!! I know that bad things happen to wonderful people , and that it’s part of the game ! So go out there and ( OFF WITH THEIR HEADS ) you are so lucky to have such a wonderful family ! And your doing what you love !!! All the Best of Luck and win ‘em all young lady ! From just a big fan of you all !!! J V !

  6. One good father and husband to make family oriented Racin that’s what true family some people need to pay attention spend time with your kids And they stay out of trouble good job

  7. You are badass miss Tricia wayne!! You took the worst the sport had to offer, and fought your way back, to do what yall love! Hats off to da boss! Yall like Bonnie and Clyde lol!! It's obvious in the way yall care for each other! Thanks for sharing yalls return! Car looks amazing

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