JET200 – MotiveDVD 600hp S14 Silvia – World Time Attack Challenge 2014 – Documentary

Follow JET200 at the 2014 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, the world’s largest Time Attack Event. See the drama and the emotions that go on behind the scenes as the event can make or break any team’s dream. Big thankyou to all of our partners, sponsors and viewers.
You can see the build of Ver3 and Ver4 of the car on our Youtube channel and head to our website to see the full history of the car and more info on Motive DVD.


  1. Great stuff! Do future developments entail any shock linear potentiometers, accelerometers, body and tire slip angle sensors, pyrometers and gps tracking for track telemetry?

  2. was thinking you should hire one of those japanese drivers as your racedrivers . theyll truly know how to push your car to the very very limit and i bet they can give you a so much high time attack .

  3. Looks like you guys didn't go 2015? Great video series. Would love to have a link to CS Engineering… Loved the pickup changes like front A frame changes and rear subframe pickups…

  4. at 23.15 ish and around that area there is alote off sliding so u could have bet that 35.1 just with smoother harder driving colin mcrae if in doubt flat out smooth fast hardcore some other area's of down force could help achieve that time easy and with re watching all test hits ect smooth lap just 1nce = best time u can achieve  you could probs get mid 34's to be onest  just some info I thought I would sy but u will no this but also if you take you're car to this track all the time u need to gear the car just for that track makes cornering easy's if u get what iam trying to say  gearbox for each individual track showt out from Scotland Scottish borders

  5. Hi guys ! I have a Nissan nx2000(sr20vet) engine but is really hard to do a curves with it …in a low budget car that wants to fight in a track but is 50/50 street aséelo what will be the best or nice advise to modify first ? So far we have. Coilovers, roll cage , etc…should work on aero? Camber ?

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