Island Boys Honda Civic pulls off INSANE win at World Cup Finals!

Jason Marsh and the Island Boys came to World Cup Finals in Maryland with their turbo B series Civic and did some CRAZY things! Not only did they run the first ever 7 second pass in their class (True Street), they did it MULTIPLE times! Though the event didn’t end the way they had hoped, they can go home with their chins held high with the show they put on for everyone this year!

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  1. So hard to get a front wheel drive out of the hole. 60ft times must give you headaches, but the mile per hour at the 1000ft gives a lot of RWD cars nightmares.

  2. At 8:08…. With the COVID going around Jason Marsh keeps Wiping his Nose then at 8:08 right after Wiping his Nose he Bumps Fists with KYLE….. Instant COVID

  3. Dudes see this video, go buy a 03 civic ex buy a eBay turbo and be like “bro my civic will smack a hurrcan I only paid 2k for it with a $300 turbo, I saw it on YouTube

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