Is the 2020 McLaren 600LT Spider MSO the PERFECT super car?

The McLaren 600LT is the perfect track weapon. The all new 600LT Spider allows you to have to top level of performance but also the ability to enjoy the elements. Powering this 600 LT Spider is a 3.8L Twin-Turbo V8 pumping out 592 HP & mated to a 7-speed DCT gearbox. On the inside is the perfect balance of fine materials and that race car functionality. The McLaren Special Operations team take the 600LT Spider to the next level. Check out all the details on this 2019 McLaren 600 LT Spider for yourself!
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  1. It's a very nice car but the c8 completely take and turn the automotive world upside at under 60k. Ford and Chrysler do not offer an answer to the Corvette. Toyota Supra failed to impress, Nsx flopped, gt500 is slower than the c8 even with a 250hp advantage. GM just built a supercar/ sports car killer!!!

  2. Chevy has it right. 490 HP and 0-60 around 3 sec is perfectly fine. Don't anything more than that, and it's also affordable. McClaren is nice, but way overkill and way expensive.

  3. You people keep saying that the C8 is unproven…… I got news for you the McLaren which is proven still has problems like the transmission just ask hoovies garage

  4. These C8 comments are so ridiculous but the one thing I notice is that most of the people that are acting like it’s going to kill the entire supercar/sports car establishment aren’t real car guys ……meaning they know just enough to get themselves into trouble but don’t actually understand why certain cars are worth more and have qualities that cannot be duplicated for $60k. For instance, the C8 weighs 3,600lbs and it’s chassis is a combination of aluminum/steel. This Mclaren 600LT structure is made from carbon fiber and therefore allows the weight of this vehicle to stay right at around 3,000lbs giving it a huge handling advantage as well as giving it racecar like rigidness to chassis. Things that also cost a lot money are the racing style flat plane crank V8 which allows it to rev over 8,000RPM, the hydraulic steering system offering better road feel than any other production car …..I could go on and on but the point is the Corvette might look decent on a spec sheet but for the driving coneoiour it’s not even close to a car like a 600LT and the guy that appreciates what the Mclaren has to offer isn’t going to be swayed by the C8’s low sticker price. I personally think the C8 has the proportions of an El Camino, the rear end of a Camaro, and the front that appears to me to be a Chinese knockoff of every exotic car ever created, but I also agree that it is the most amazing performance value ever and I’m sure they will sell a ton of them to guys who have never driven a Mclaren (or perhaps another similar high end brand) and therefore won’t ever realize why those vehicles command the higher price tags they do.

  5. Joe, to get a better "feel" for the 600LT's size, how does it compare to the Lotus Exige? In this video it just looks small. Then again, at your young age, you're still growing and maybe are a couple inches taller than I remember, ergo the 600LT appears small. 😎 Save the Wave.

  6. No mate, not a boomerang ha ha but a very proud Kiwi, National bird of NZ. Bruce Mclaren & his folks were from Auckland NZ, dad Les ran a service station /garage, Bruce was an engineering student at Auckland uni. 😀 Ki-Ora.

  7. The "boomerang" swoop and symbol you see on the car, for example, on the steering wheel – isn't a boomerang. It's actually a stylised depiction of a Kiwi bird, reflecting Bruce McLaren's New Zealand nationality.

  8. The C8 can suck a dick it's still a pice of garbage Chevy GM product , yeah it's cool but I'm buying a supra first and if I had the money would for sure by a 570 or 720

  9. You always review a perfect variety of reasonable priced to astronomically priced cars and suvs. While I unfortunately will never make enough to own a supercar, much like a supermodel, it is nice to fantasize.

  10. Raiti!! Moving up in the world now doing a McLaren review! I'm proud of you man… been watching your vids since you had 20k subs 👍👏

  11. Correct me if I'm wrong. The first McLarens offered for sale as a street car, the driver sat in the middle of the car. A passenger sat on each side.

  12. A super car, that as an owner, you are not able see the engine. For the price of this car, I'm not ok with that. "BIG ZONK!" I'm disappointed that you did not "zonk" that Joe.

  13. I really think you lost it in the presence of this "McLaren". Kind of like the way you would lose it if Rachel Welch walked up in front of you in string bikini. You lost the ability to "Zonk" (-: LOL!

  14. Yes, Joe. I like seeing these kinds of, high dollar, cars reviewed. And I like seeing how you lose it in they're presence. I'm ranking on ya brother (-;

  15. You have a great channel and it was good to see the McLaren 600LT displayed. However, I was a little disappointed that you did not show the trunk storage capacity.

  16. 5:43 those red fog lights or reflexes or what they are in the rear do not add any form of value in terms of looks. Should be hidden or darker.

  17. I’m sorry but all the facts are incorrect it has 597hp it weighs 2850lb/1200kg and does 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and top speed is 204 mph I don’t know why he gives false information on the cars he reviewed

  18. When you said your beverages would stay cold in the felt cup holders I was thinking there’s no damn way I would get a drink near that car

  19. I just traded in my Vega Blue 600 for this exact car with Dimmitt. Mine has the Senna seats though so its not this exact car. If you see me around Tampa say hello!

  20. Correction to your comment on the spoiler.600LT has a fixed spolier, 650s and others have air brake spolier. Hard to keep following your description when large items like that are incorrect.

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