Is the 2020 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak the ULTIMATE factory muscle car racer?

If you want a TURN KEY factory drag racer than Dodge has this Challenger Drag Pak for you. Under the hood is a 354ci supercharged V8 that has enough power to turn a 7.50 1/4 mile time. Only 50 of these serial beasts will be built. Is the 2020 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak the ULTIMATE factory muscle car drag racer?
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  1. if it starts winning nhra will add a ton of weight to kill it! nhra hates mopar killed mopar in the past in pro stock just like they did a few years ago! pro stock now is camaro stock just the way they want it because all nitro motors are hemis!

  2. HEY….MOPAR stands for…..Massively Over Powered And Respected….Got a real different Mopar I'm building….90 Lebaron, tube chassis.. with a 402 cube gen 3 hemi…old school, with a cross ram, 950 carbs, BIG solid roller cam…….NO blower, NO turbos….all old school….way more of a challenge. How fast?……any idea?

  3. Dodge needs to make a AAR Cuda. HLust like Swede Savage drove, Find a SCCA class it fits in amd make the car to be the class winner.. I would even like a v6 6 speed manual trans, light weight car, Heck use your knowledge,, How about a v6 duel turbo???? It does not have to be a $100,000+ car.. Make it a stripper car and get them in the streets, Fast is always fun. But fun does not always have to be the fastest. Fun is being the WINNER

  4. Great looking car!! I wish they would just change the body up a little. I don’t mean anything drastic but maybe just a little touch here and there..Great job USA and hats off to the mopar gang.

  5. No the NHRA does not require a cage 7.5, they are a must at 9.9 and is why the demon is ban as Leah Pritchett set it's time for 9.65 as advertised by Dodge. More of them are starting to run in the 9s now that people are getting sufficient seat time, and is obvious that's what it was going to take to get there. I saw a race recently where all of the demon drivers had the necessary training on them, and they were all in the 9s. Maybe it'll start shutting up the haters now, and they'll start learning the true meaning of SRT and Mopar or no car lol

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