Is Street Outlaws Staged – Street Race Talk Episode 352

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  1. I believe that the $100.000 payout is bull. Do you really think that if JJ wins $100.000 grand the next day JJ is only betting $20 dollars on the race? We all know JJ is a big better I've never seen JJ bet so low.

  2. No one cares so long as the racing is 100% real. If they ever dared to make the racing fake like wwe with predetermined winners, they'd be sunk as this is like a sport.

  3. I like NPK best but saw it all live on YouTube. I still say they NEED to show ET/RT/MPH etc. Absolutely no reason not to. Would make it so much more interesting and exciting for the fans.

  4. you should watch the video of farm truck and asian interviewing ryan martin and see what he says about street outlaw npk he says "Its a TV show" and being fast doesn't get you an invite then he talks about S/G's car being slow

  5. Of course it’s somewhat scripted. But at least the racing was not chase is a race. As many have said it drug on way too long. Builds could have been an hour long without the fake car hunting and racing in one night. I was also disappointed in the build deceptions. I really like the Memphis team but lost a lot of respect over their build game. As for Ax I liked his overall build. I just didn’t like him not racing. It was not a team event. Acting like it was found just sitting in the field was a joke. I really liked Ryan’s shop and the Chevelle. The same for the Donk. They both built cars to enjoy long term. I would have expected JJ, AX, and Kye to bring more of a race car and they did. It was nice to see them working together.

  6. I have been watching your show since about February of 2016. This is my first post. I was living in Mississippi at the time and remember going to the drag strip in Hattiesburg to watch a no prep race put on by Scott from NOLA. They started at half track and there were 2 wrecks. Jason Thames flipped his corvette and the Lizard camaro jumped the guardrail and wrecked. It was crazy. I do think the earlier episodes of Street Outlaws were the best but like seeing the progression of NPK. Thanks for keeping us all updated on all the latest news. Keep up the work SIM.

  7. Most of the show is scripted, but the racing is not both Shawn and chief have said it. End game was a filler show. Just like the Mega Race. And because JJ is on the show and people are getting tired of his BS.

  8. Sim … I truly appreciate your passion for street outlaws !!! I also want to thank you for all of the info you share each and every week !!! Your great , thanks!!!

  9. Anyone see the interview with farm truck and azn where the told they were taken off the list because they weren't competitive and how they were told they couldn't attend the 405 races?

  10. Sim, I agree with you. Not all the story lines are perfect or TV GOLD. So they have to do fill ins to make it all come together. They film so much during the year, multiple shows that things get missed, not a good angle or what ever. They have a tough job sewing all these shows up.
    TTVE !

  11. Sim, on a different topic. What is up with Midwest Street Cars missing 2 weeks of videos? Not a peep out of them or even a short to let us know they are alive.
    Your thoughts???

  12. All of these type of shows are scripted on some fashion, but the main point of these shows are not, whether it’s racing, tuna fishing, crab fishing, gold mining, or any number of the other similar shows. It’s always been like this, I can easily remember in the early years of Street Outlaws when Chief and Shawn pretended to be the police while some of the other drivers were testing, and every episode is filled with examples like this. These shows would all be pretty hard to watch without adding the scripted filler scenes.

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