Is Street Outlaws Losing its “Street” – No Prep News Episode 114

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  1. I will miss the 405 og show if they don't bring it back . I know chief can start a new show and I will watch it lol. But still not the same . We been watching these guys over 10 years . And it should be 405 guys not people from all over . That was the theme of the show. Also don't care if it's big tire or small . Why not both . Merry Christmas everyone.
    That was my 2 cents .

  2. There losing fans cause all the people that come to no prep kings wanna see big chief they have to find a way to get him to do no prep kings this year

  3. How long is anyone gonna care about a gazillion Chevelles & Camaros & FoxBody Mustangs doing small tyre on the street over and over and over… and over and over… and over and over and over… it's not a viable (beyond one, maybe two) seasons' worth of content. It'd be tough to keep that interesting w/o a good structure for however the racing is organized, be that a "top-10 list" or tournament or series to push it. #FoodForThought

  4. Team attack is for the fans on Friday you were saying. Most of those guys aren't really a team minus the big 3. Nola, okc, Texas. And maybe deans team

  5. JJ has proven he doesn't need chief to have good street show. But having chief join since he doesn't do NPK would do nothing but make it bigger. Memphis and chief, against non NPK guys would be hard to find decent competition, especially if they go against big tire cars

  6. OG Street racing is about CARS.. When you go to a race, you remember the car, the car becomes it own personality. Which CAR could adapt to different surfaces and conditions was the winning factor. And that kept things affordable.
    When TV got involved, they needed PERSONALITIES to drive a show, and build a fan-base for merchandising, advertising and sponsors.
    When someone says that having 2 purpose build cars "is just" or "should be" the norm nowadays,, may they have lost focus on the difference between SKILLED COMPETITION vs Audience Performance.

  7. I was at npk Nola and we talk to Larry Larson for about 1 hour. He said that npk is a show first then race. And with the og show being a show about race. That’s why they can make more of the npk stuff than street stuff. Since it is a show first than film more than the street show. Keep up the good videos

  8. Wish they would do no prep like it was meant to ….the back half no prep to replicate the street …that was the whole point of doing the no prep on the begining….

  9. There is nothing street about them…. Those are track babies barrowing the "Street Outlaw name" because it's cool…. These guys have made a mockery of real street racing 😔💯💯

  10. Hey Buddy just was wondering can you do a update on the legend Barefoot Ronnie? He was on npk then dropped out? He like fell off the face of the earth. Can you do a update show on him?

  11. Nothing "Street" about the dragstrips they run on anymore, NHRA has a 10.90 Super Street class which none of NPK would slow-down for. Do they have cubic inch limitations,rules/ rulebook?… Does not seem fair if not

  12. I hope they transition the new NPK season 5 to true “no prep” versus what is happening now with “unprepped”. When you show up to a street, you don’t throw a bunch of gravel down and make it worse. The track should just leave the track as is. Also, what happens after an oil down? Do they not clean it up? Prep is afterwards?

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