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  1. Pilgrim is trying new idea's because ratings are dropping. I know people are tired of jj's big mouth repeating his country sayings over and over for example " it's no fun when the rabbit gets the gun!"

  2. I keep saying this but no one seems to agree. Chief is/was street outlaws. Especially now with people not wanting to be fast but just have fun? No one wants to watch the lead guys lose. Period…

  3. Hey sim idk what direction pilgrim is going with these shows but there doing whatever they can just to get ratings no matter who gets left behind. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  4. We need to get another Mega Cash Days. It's like the tournament arc of an anime, and it's so fucking epic to see all of the characters in the same place.

  5. Just find some youtubers and follow the….I recommend SRC and Ole man's garage, 187 customs and midwest street cars ofcourse. There is so much good content on youtube, the show can not compete IMO.

  6. The problem with Endgame? A) Once everyone realized Ryan and Nova weren't competitive there wasn't much interest. B) Endgame is a lazy title and there was no Tony Stark C) Everyone is chomping at the bit for NPK even with the results being know folks want to see how it unfolded. Big ratings coming up! D) They sandwiched "ENDGAME" between two favored SO shows.

  7. I think the old 405 show got boring because they just kept racing each other abd no out of town races. When they did race out of town you either got guys that were slow on hard tires or ProMods No one was building Big tire ProMods for the street like the 405. I think they have it right now the small tire show that we haven't even seen yet and then keep the Big tire Pro Mod cars on NPK. Best of both worlds

  8. Street outlaws is just trying out new tv show ideas guys!!! Some will be great some will be not so great! This endgame show will most likely be a 1 season deal! Then they will go back to cashdays or maybe another new idea. I’m still a fan either way

  9. I agree when chief left. The show wasn’t the same. And I stopped watching. And now there’s so many spin offs I’m confused on what show what.

  10. Its bad cause producers new what to do to push chief to quit…and maKe him look like he was the problem….when in fact he was the main part of the show that made it so good

  11. In LMR (late model racecraft) video about racing the 405 in the newest small tire season that was just filmed he says something about the 405 show being aired in OCTOBER but hell who knows lol dudes definitely didn’t look trustworthy in the super early episode with them back in the day lmao

  12. Ryan and Shawn took the end game show as a chance to get their cars they wanted built up to keep forever. It’s like the show funded a dream build for them. I’m not mad at the move, but it made for crummy tv 🤷🏻

  13. I think JJ and his broads are scripted to win most of the time. JJ has a big mouth, he thinks he's better than anyone. He needs an ass whipping.

  14. I like end game better than any other so shows I liked watching the builds to actually racing against the common guy to me it’s a lot more relatable and I hate npk I just can’t relate to a 250k race car that’s got a parachute 🤷‍♂️

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