Is NPK Over – No Prep News Episode 150

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  1. Hey sim Ryan is the big dog on campus them boys have an elite racing program as much as wanna see Justin and prenup win man Ryan would have to go out every round from here on out just so he can have a chance so it could possibly be over for everyone else. On another note how cool was it to see murder nova making it to the 3rd round that was the first time he's been past the first 2nd or 3rd rounds in a while looking forward on seeing the progress of the new project and no worries dude love everything on the channel and like I've been saying you are a class act young man as always keep up the awesome work ttve let's go 💪💯

  2. What do you mean it's over ..this some Click bait or what .. you've said some shit that's not reality lately…be more precise just getting people confused mate..

  3. Ryan has a helluva program.. Also he works his azz off and it shows..

    Congratulations on his success..

    Keep doing what you do, Samuel, you have good information.. Thank you.

  4. No way Street Outlaws is going small tires only; that will mean everyone is over street racing fast. I don’t buy it. NPK isn’t the end all. Ratings won’t be great now that people can watch the races online and we all know the outcomes months before Discovery airs the episodes. Discovery needs to air the shows the week the races happen or the suspense is lost. Waiting months to run these episodes is a bad plan.

  5. The only way Shawn wins if he let chief start tuning again he’s had him Dave Steve petty tune and chief is the only one that gets the nova to victory lane

  6. Why would NPK be over it’s the hottest thing going on rite now , even NHRa guys are wanting to join NPK . So much money has been made off NPK, street outlaws , etc. Im sure there will be rumors that NPK is done because Ryan Martin wins all the time rules favor him etc.It’s like they changed rules to favor nitrous , blower cars etc. Anyone can be beat at anytime in racing. Murder Nova has his car figured out finally with Ryan old motor in his car Shawn and Ryan has mudernova figured out .

  7. What about Alex Laughlin I’m not a fan but what’s ur opinion on him racing and how fast his car is from what we seen so far last 2 weeks does he stand chance when he does join the invitational to run with the them racers . Think it would be so awesome if he joins and gets stomped since he’s into the NHRa etc

  8. Also Ryan Martin don’t win every race or event last weekend , SwanGang won the event even though it wasn’t point race he still won and he is fast . It’s all depends on chip draw and who u draw each race. If Kye draws Ryan Martin , or Any of them of them in top 5 -10 then they could be beat in first round . Chip Draw is huge in NpK. Ryan Martin could still loose he could wreck and be out for few weeks then it goes to 1.5x points then final races . Anything is possible in racing and anyone in top 5-10 Chip draw is brutal to them drivers they don’t wanna draw anyone around them in points

  9. Ryan was winning regardless of the postponed race. Let's not pretend, no one can stop Ryan.

    I've never seen him even smoke the tires once in 3 seasons, always has the tune

  10. Sim, I'm not sure if Ryan has sealed the deal yet. With double and triple points races still to come who knows?
    I hope he has a 3 peat season!

  11. Yes it’s over Ryan has it locked up. He just has to show up go a few rounds and if he wins he wins. Murder Nova ain’t been much since Justin Aka Big Chief stopped tuning Murder Nova.

  12. Thing is I've never commented but if you can't win with a certain combo on your car why would you keep beating your head against the wall for years and not trying anything new these guys have money look at Justin swanstrom he tries different things these guys like birdman Larry Larson murder Nova they just keep beating their head against the wall over and over and over I mean I'm a huge fan of these guys but we can all see you're not going to win when you have other guys out there willing to make the sacrifice

  13. Takes time to sort a new car , not all can put a new car on the track without the new car blues . In Time Scott Taylor , Robin Roberts and Kye will all be quicker with the new cars but the championship may be already done . It also shows how good Ryan Martins efforts in switching from fireball to the grey car without a hitch. Well Done to Murder Nova on going rounds , it made my weekend .Cheers

  14. People upset that Ryan and Javi are running way with it. Just as Ryan was seasons 1&2. He got busy and figured it out. There are 40 teams that need to check themselves, stop trolling social media and build a car that can compete

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