IS NPK GETTING SOLD – No Prep News Episode 163

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  1. I don't know that live would work, with them being an all day/weekend event. Drag racing is tough to do live, miss too much good stuff. But I would like to see them do a faster turnaround on episodes, getting the show out a week or two after the race.

  2. My prediction is about to come true… check my comments from January about this exact subject. NHRA will make a run at NPK & will take it LIVE (how it should be)

  3. Given the level of investment that fielding a competitive NPK top 32 car, the driver contracts are essential. The sponser exposure is probably better in NPK since ALL of the passes are shown.
    The NHRA is an unintentional benefactor of NPK. They have thier own business model and seem indifferent to any adjustments to it.
    Doubt me?
    Ask any NHRA sportsman racer.
    Or anyone who ran Pro Stock Truck.
    I cannot imagine anyone outside of TV trying to buy NPK and be successful. Try and find any other sanctioning body or series on TV.
    They all are invisible on television.
    You tube is how you see any of the "outlaw" or small tire shootouts. Big events like Yellow Bullet, Lights Out etc. get streamed.
    To be on Discovery is about equal to FS1 or FS2. For that matter, try and follow NHRA's Pro Mod or Sportsman results on cable. You better have a DVR that has the capability to search.
    For now, I think NPK isn't going anywhere.

  4. Ima be honest wats gonna kill the show is JJ the mouth and this small tire sht the show's been all about big tire and the 405 list and outta town racing the small tire racers are a different thing i like it for wat there doing but not for the show and JJ the mouth is killing the show too much bullshit but that's just my opinion and as far as them selling it it won't bring in what they want because most people won't see the show because they'll put it on payperview and alot of people cant pay just saying. KOKO SIM TTVE BUDDY👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Kayla has been around awhile she's not new. She just sucked for so long when she wins a race and doesn't do whiny crying complaining she seems like a new face

  6. They need to go out and get themselves a Title Sponsor and name it that NPK. It would bring in another big revenue source for Discovery and Pilgram.

  7. NPK my be sold but it was started to give the fans a chance to see the street outlaws in person. If listen to Reaper he gets TV money he has mentioned it in his videos. I think all the guys get money to show up. I truly don't see NPK being sold SOL will be the street stuff.

  8. Npk is low budget racers and small crews. If it gets sold to a live show provider majority of racers will leave and big money programs will take their place.

  9. NHRA does not allow it's drivers to street race.
    Street outlaws/NPK must move from Mondays, because Monday night Football is killing it.
    NPK must show ET, MPH, RT, etc.
    Continue the Mega Cash Days, Team Competition, etc.
    Eliminate any JJ's Arm drop – Chase is a race BS.

  10. How big of a role did the producer Mike Helmann who passed away during the filming of this past season 5 have ? You could tell how much the OG Street Outlaws revered the man. Will NPK be able to go on and survive if it's being bought by some conglomerate ?

  11. I would like to see FloRacing take them on tbh. I don't know how it would go with a 150.00 subscription but I love how they do events. I think they could make it even better though 💪

  12. To be honest I'm gonna have to disagree NPK only exists because of NHRA from the tracks they run to all those chassis that either have a NHRA or IHRA certification and the insurance policies that those 2 series use NPK is more popular but NHRA and IHRA are the reason it exists

  13. Live would kill the show. People watch for the behind-the-scenes stuff. Also, the main event takes ALL day. To get that into a 3-4hour live coverage event would just mean that $$$$ would rule and all the upstarts would be gone immediately. Then it would be no different than NHRA and I can't even find NHRA on TV in my area so there you go…

  14. I SMELL BIG $$$ COMING BIG CHIEF WAY !!! 🤑🤑🤑 ( HI SIM ABC123 )
    This explains why BIG chief fell back from the show kinda.
    Big chief is the top dog of
    (THE STREET OUTLAWS) and for him to not have no say so after they came.and basically took his shit is crazy.
    Chief is very smart and patient and soon its about to pay off when they have to cut him that BIG CHECK ✔️ !!!
    RYAN got the shine now, ( love him too )
    But it's time BIG chief gets whats owed to him. Love you sim and keep up the good work.
    ( jerry from Buffalo Ny ! )

  15. Hey sim was wondering if u heard Shawn and Ryan talking about going to Australia and it seems like it was for street outlaws on their latest YouTube videos. Whats ur take on this?

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