Is It Worth Spending More For a ZR1? Vintage Chevrolet Corvette Drag Race, Roll Race, & Brake Test

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I’m this video we line up 3, old Chevrolet Corvettes for a fantastic comparison!

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  1. You guys should run that ZR1 against a 02-04 C5 Z06 and a 03-04 Terminator Cobra. Those would be some interestingly competitive races.

  2. Hey folks, the played clips that appear to be from a promo spot. Anybody know where I can download that? FYI, I have '90 ZR-1 and really enjoy it.

  3. Ohhh maaan : /
    Always this C5 with his ridicules long Fuel Safe Diff.
    If you wanne compare the C5, please get another one. With a Z51 Perfomance Diff with shorter Gear Ratio, or a Stick Shift.

  4. I found a gem at a CarMax in 2003. It was green with a beige interior and had only 13000 miles on it. It was a blast for early twenty years old to drive and relatively cheap. I sold it years later with only 30000 miles. I do sometimes regret not keeping it but oh well on to bigger and better ones.

  5. No offense, but this test would have meant a lot more if you had run against a stock C4 ZR1. Testing stock Vettes against a modified ZR1 doesn't tell me anything about the performance differences of the cars as GM produced them…

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