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  1. It’s either cable/DVR or Discovery+ for me when it comes to their content. I don’t think I ever used the Go app. Since the beginning when Discovery+ came out, I think maybe I had 3-4 errors where I had a problem and couldn’t watch content, but it was fixed within a day or 2.

  2. Discovery Go is connected to your home cable network. Can you watch episodes before it airs on TV? Discovery Plus has adds if you get cheaper package. I pay @7.00 a month for Discovery Plus without adds and can watch anytime of the day it airs.

  3. I have Discovery + and they aren't showing the Great 8 on it, so it's NOT the same as Discovery Go. Dumb how they do that. I'd have to another App to watch the Great 8.

  4. In my honest opinion they are running a good thing into the ground. What started as a show I fell in love with has turned into shows and spinoffs full of content that just isn't very good. NPK for example is 3hr show with 1hr dedicated to great 8. Makes no sense whatsoever to me. 30-45minutes of actual racing.

  5. I used to watch every single episode of every show. Now there is so much content that I don't have the time or find it as interesting as it used to be. They need to cutback on the content and bring back the quality.

  6. I have discovered plus app on my tv and phone. Got promo for $4.99 month.
    Everything works great! It has 10 million down loads compared to discovery go app that has 1 million down loads.
    It that a free app? Free usually comes with long commercials to cover cost of no app fee.
    Good luck !

  7. I watch on Cable and record since 8pm-12 on East coast is ponderous. I watch later and fast forward through commercials. Watch the crowd at the event dwindle down to maybe a thousand spectators by the finals. I went to Virginia NPK and left after first round which took almost four hours.

  8. I like street racing. If I wanted NHRA racing, plenty of that content. Now the street racing has so little actual racing. Lots of idiots talking about nothing. Get back to racing on the streets. America's list went weeks without the leader racing. That crazy. Leader should race at least twice a show. Eliminate back markers. Anytime the leader is called out, that is automatically the next race.

  9. I have discovery plus in the UK and we haven't had any new street outlaws no prep Kings since season 3 and it is the only reason I got to watch street outlaws. I've emailed discovery and haven't had replies

  10. I'm going too say this ones PRODUCTION is destroying street outlaws they are running it into the ground just like with anything u can get to much of it so when the show first starts we only saw it through the spring & summer months and through the winter we had other shows and I couldn't wait to see street outlaws come back on it was like the for a few seasons but now it's 1 show after another u will get sick of it I love football NFL BUT if I had to see it all year I would be sick of it

  11. I had streaming issues as well with buffering and stuff and Discovery channel seemed to be the worst but I upgraded my internet to a different package and haven't had any problems since and I'm sure within another 6 months to no more than a year it'll start happening again and I'm sure my internet provider will have faster internet packages for sale by that time and all it is, is a damn money racket from one end or another…

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