Is an LS-Powered Subaru BRZ Better than a Corvette? – One Take

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Everyone loves the Subaru BRZ/FR-S/86 (especially the new 2022 Subaru BRZ and GR86). They’re fun, agile, spacious, usable, and relatively inexpensive. But they always needed a little more power, or in the owner of this car’s case, a lot more. He’s put a lot of time and money into his Subaru BRZ to make it as fast as a lot of famous sports cars. Was it worth it?

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ASKING price is $70000.

Katech 416CI stroked LS3
503WHP / 516LB-FT on 91
Motec M130 ECU from Pure automotive
Motec C127 Dash
T56 Magnum XL transmission
Dailey 3-stage dry sump
Brembo club racing GTS brakes
TC design custom half cage
Sparco QRT carbon buckets
Fire suppression system
AIM integrated smarty cam
Antigravity Li-ion battery, trunk mounted
Dry sump tank (trunk-mounted)
Radium surge tank
Diff breather
Titan 7 wheels
FBM 8.8 rear end w/ Wavetrac LSD (3.73)
MCS 2-way remote res (11k front, 12k rear springs)
Bushings: Full SPL catalog
Schroth harnesses
Vorshlag headers
Varis hood
Remote start
Android head unit.

Watch this car tear around Laguna Seca:

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  1. Hey everyone, glad most of you are enjoying the vid! Zack did a great job. So happy I could help kick off bringing tuner cars back to the channel. As far as the smell of fuel in the cabin, that is coming from the factory fuel pump behind the drivers seat feeding the surge tank in the trunk. It could be sealed off better and there could be a panel to replace the missing rear seat. But please remember just because this car has plates does not mean it's a "street car". While it's not a racecar because of the lack of a full cage, I would describe it as a very comfortable track car. To be fair I did warn Zack not to drive with the windows up 😂 I understand why he did to capture good audio but really, what kind of self respecting car guy drives with the windows up? 😂 After all I did ditch the AC in favor of a dry sump anyway…

    For those saying LS swaps are boring and played out. Please watch some track footage. There's a reason why I have Lambo owners telling me how good the car sounds. I know I am biased but I don't think there's a car new or used for less than 100K that's as engaging or fun to drive on track as this build.

    For those complaining about the price, I'm sorry the car is not for you. I know it sounds crazy but I'm just trying recoup about 1/2 of what I have into the build. I know that project cars are obviously not worth what you have into them…

  2. Does the smell of gasoline come from the removal of catalytic converter? I'm building a K series and hoping to do an engine swap, but hate the smell of gasoline. Any ways to avoid this?

  3. This guy is a closet hater. I called him out about a video he posted and he went to my Instagram account and posted my car is slow and ugly.
    Then told me to kill my self. Classic hypocrite. He’s just pretending to not be a doosh. 👍😎

  4. Crazy amounts of money thrown into it but still smells like fuel while driving… How about just putting a little more money in it so you don't get poisoned by the fumes?

  5. I don’t know much about cars but I’m looking to get into them and I want to get a brz and put a ls2 or ls3 into it and I’m wondering how much it would cost for that engine swap

  6. Dude spent a lot of money on that car. An LS3 swap typiccally runs about $15k-$20k, and that doeesn't include all of the other things he's spent on it.

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