Introducing Project BarelyCuda my 1968 Plymouth Fastback Barracuda Race Car


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  1. A couple Grand sitting in a bank account won't bring you much these days, you might as well enjoy the things you like while you're alive. I swore I would never buy another car or own another one once I hit 60 years old. What did I do? Bought another damn car LMBO.. so now I have two to restore again. Here we go LOL good luck with your project:-) will be looking forward to the future Days Ahead for this new addition 🙂

  2. I'd been looking for a notchback for about 5 years now and finally found one within my budget. It should be on the road this week, maybe next. Good luck finding all the little parts you need to get this one rolling!

  3. After you and Dad get done with it, I'm sure it will be more "Bearly" 🐻 than "Barely" a Cuda! Make it strong and light and drop in that Pro-Stock Hemi and you will find true happiness Jed.

  4. So cool man! We gonna see you at the No Name Nationals? You fit right in with all those cool guys going. Bring your dad it will be awesome. Run what you bring.

  5. Love it!
    Yes like others my first thought was the ProStock Hemi but I actually like your idea of motorhome 440 and leftovers
    It suits the car.
    When I street raced in the late 80s early 90s this is the type of car you steered clear of unless you had something as equally brutal. The likely setup would be a big inch 440 based engine, highrise single carb, 2 nitrous kits a plate and fogger, auto trans. It would launch like a kick in the teeth. Just a rowdy, rude, obnoxious, scary af HOT ROD!

  6. That will make an awesome drag car. With all that room in the back end you can have the best big tire drag car ever. Great video. It is an awesome buy

  7. Can’t go wrong with a cool car that you ‘barely’ have any money into!
    I would have done the same!
    Great purchase!
    It will be fun to see the build on this… 👍

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