INTRODUCING MY CREW For 2023 No Prep Kings!!!!

INTRODUCING MY CREW For 2023 No Prep Kings!!!!


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  1. Seen a interview with 187 customs the other day by some channel mini truck or close to that. Anyway Shaun was talking about how much fun he had in Australia racing with the American teams who traveled over there. Said there was a bond or connection made between everyone that will last forever..

  2. CJRC is going to be the cars to beat this year.. monzas chevelle is going to be ready and after seeing Clay Coles car debut and haul in a straight line down the track was great to see

  3. Great to see and hear you got your very great selected team for the season best of luck to Swang Gang and the NPK 2023 season sounds like ya have a great plan ahead of time

  4. You're doing such a great job Justin it's awesome to watch you grow I'm excited for your new season and I'm excited for your new car once it gets done just keep doing what you're doing but keep working hard you guys are coming to my track in Oct to Martin Michigan this year I'll see you then. Going to miss Norwalk though that's a badass track.

  5. With a full time camera now you can set up damn near a 24/7 day in the life of a race car driver. And not the type where the teams have blank checks but ones that have to get it from the ground up such as yourselves. Documentary of a live self paid and made race car driver.

  6. Man you & big daddy brian have an amazing relationship and the both of you together always joking and giving you hard time and with that said id make him my #1 and get his ass out of construction… gotta help out the elders… 😂

  7. #Lawngang Justin racing that new zero turn with BigYapper as Chief Cook, Bottle Washer and Mower Tuning Ditch Digger. Word is he over does it on the beans and is one gassy mofo. Brian is Helmet Buffer and holds Justin's right hand (not judging) They're tearing rear end sometimes (thats gotta hurt). Tony, is the front guy and gets things cooking while they're running alcohol, slapping that thing and sucks heat out! Then Slinky is there to make Justin's dreams come true by being his number one!

  8. Your exactly right about us working hard to get to see you and buy your merchandise but fyi. Yours is the only merchandise i own from 1 hard worker to another keep digging

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