Inside the Crash – Stevie ‘Fast’ Jackson SHADOW Destroyed

One of the most heartbreaking parts of this insane sport we call racing is the risk of destroying your race car and effectively reversing all the time, tuning and engineering that goes along with one of these project. Stevie Jackson was the pilot of Phil Shuler’s Shadow on that fateful day when participating at Southern Georgia Motorsports Park – home of the flying car. Lining up against the #1 qualifier at No Mercy 7, Stevie Jackson wasn’t expecting what was about to come his way. The sheer power of Shadow forced this car off the ground and into an airborne state, causing major destruction. We take a look behind the scenes of the crash and expose the untold story that Stevie Jackson shared with us about what it’s like to be in one of these wrecks and the hazard of fire in one of these kinds of incidents.

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  1. I’m glad he is ok, sucks about the car but you need to be prepared to lose your investment every time you take it on a track. I hope he get back to racing soon if he desires.

  2. What exactly do some of these guys figure that clear plastic thing shoved up above their eyebrows and attached to their helmet is for?
    Panic is not a good reaction in a time of crisis.

  3. Just an advice when going into a crash never tense up your body .. this causes a chance of bone facture by 80% i know its reflex but try trust me this is the same reasson why most people who fall asleep behind the wheel suvive the most crashs

  4. The paramedic that ran right up while he was trying to get away from a burning car and she got so close that she made contact with him should consider other job opportunities. Let somebody get away from a dangerous situation like a fire because that's your first concern of safety for the person's health before you can begin to assess them for injuries.

  5. They used to have safety crews all over the track outside the walls so they could get to the car a lot faster. What happened with that?

  6. One part of crashing many people don't understand. Even with all the safety systems and equipment, any rapid change of direction or velocity hurts the Human body. Go from 200 to 0 in 1/10th sec, body experiences many G's. Car stops, body stops, organs in body continue to move. Might not feel it immediately because of all the Adrenalin, but sooner or later driver is going to experience pain.

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