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Take a look inside our Freightliner Truck Plant in Cleveland, NC — right in the backyard of NASCAR country! We gave our NASCAR hauler drivers and teams the chance to see how their new 2015 Cascadia trucks were built before they took them out on the road. Check it out!

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  1. Drove Freightliner Cascadia Overall Best tractor on the highway Was given a New Volvo tractor Within 1 week was turning it in Asking for My Freightliner Back Best Depndability On the road Don't settle for anything else The Volvo Was brand New only 120 miles on it by the time I hit 1960 Miles Engine Shutdown due to a Regen issue And a Transmission Issue

  2. freightliner need to investigate some of these dealers services, location in Canada and USA. They are not representing high professional level that this video demonstrate. I am owner of a freightliner cascadia, very good truck but if I choose to purchase a new truck it won't be a freightliner.

  3. I drive a new cascaidia day cab. Why on earth did the engineers take away the ability to engine break below 23 mph. When I descend a hill with 42,000 pounds in congested traffic between 25 to 15 mph or less, the breaks get hot. Will the DT12 be the same?

  4. the new engines are junk. everyone knows it.
    Im suprised these guys gave in and got these trucks.
    they should of got gliders with the old detriots or some old reman cats.
    the new def and regen nonsense is junk and everyone knows it.
    the interiors and super nice. the ride is like a car and the insulation is great. but the engines are garbage and everyone knows it.
    made of more plastic peices then you can count. more sensors that will send you limping to a dealer then u can imagine and dont even get me started on the filter replacement nonsense.
    NO thanks.
    I'll rebuild my 07 columbia till i get enough to buy a glider and throw a reman detroit or a reman cat in it and that will last 3 times these cascadias you see here.
    the techs know they are junk and so do the owners and so do the folks who build them.
    but they all have mouths to feed so they shut up and do their jobs.

    my 07 d60 14l engine cost 16k retail to reman. thats it. done and ready for another million miles.

    the new trucks cost 16k JUST to change the regen and def system alone. then the engine is another 25k for a reman if you drop a rod or damage a sleeve cause of that regen and def junk. Dont even get me started on the diag time the dealers try and push at a owner op. Thats a whole nother sad story and lets not getinto how many special diag tools you need to test problems or to actually work on this new engine. Its a sad joke and owner ops are the punch line.

    This is new engine is a 10 pound turd stuffed into a 5 pound bag!

  5. Freightliner is a good truck IF you use it as it's designed and intended to be. That is replace it as soon as factory warranty expires, even sooner if you can find a buyer. Freightliner is a " three year--throw away" machine, which is fine if thats your business plan but for any longer than that— don't waste your money.

  6. blah blah blah, what a bs. Now is 21st century . drum brakes manual shift gearbox . Freghtliner trucks fallen asleep at the wheel !
    Advanced manufacturing??? WAAAAAAAKE……………. UP

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  8. I used to work at freightliner. Very few of the people i worked with werent on drugs or drunk at work. I worked at the cleveland plant. Most of the union reps were dope heads too. I saw drug deals in the open almost daily. There are bolts all up and down the road for miles going east and west on hwy 70. There are good folks that work there but a lot of bullshit going on. People take breaks in groups do go do cocaine together. The group i worked with were on pills cocaine meth and alcohol every single day. Only about 5 of the 15 or so people in my group werent trashed at work. There were so many fucked up people all over this plant that they did away with the blue, yellow and tinted lense safety glasses so you could only wear clear lenses so they could see peoples eyes.

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