Insane Eagle Talon Sleeper! #tx2k racing! Built #4g63 50psi, Nitrous, Dog Box and Haltech! #dsm

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This is the craziest street car DSM I’ve ever seen. It looks completely stock but is far from it. Built 4G63, dog box transmission, Precision turbo with 50lbs of boost, haltech ecu, and 75+ shot of nitrous on top of that. He built and tuned this car himself. I respect the hell out of him and his guys. He was down here for TX2k22. I was filming another car at the time and talking with the owner telling him I’d like to find a badass DSM to film. He tells me “I got you” he hit up McKenzie to ask him and he was down. One thing led to another and we made it happen. I’m very excited to share this with everyone!! These cars don’t get much love anymore and I’m very glad I got to do this one.


****If anyone Is Interested In tuning he also tunes as well and can do remote tuning, hit him up ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

***Thumbnail in video provided by Fullbrodismedia check him out for photography work*** link below ⬇️


  1. Nice…he said 'DSM, Doin' Some Maintenance' hahhahshs, seriously most DSM owners don't do maintenance, it's why everyone's under the mistaken impression they're shitboxes. When you mod a basketcase, bad things happen & the car gets the blame.

  2. Damn, that thing moves out. Huge congrats. Have me one too. In the Chicagoland area. Friend of the Morrisons. You should bring that out to the Shootout this year.

  3. Looks great. Mine is sitting in garage just waiting to be put back together. They are so rare I'm in no hurry to finish it.

  4. in the early 90s my mother had an awd Talon dad did some work to. I will never forget her and the neighbor with his foxbody 5.0 raced during our 4th of July block party and she whooped that V8. no one thought that a 4 cylinder had a chance to beat a v8 back then

  5. Man am I jealous. I have a GS and just day dreaming about putting a turbo on it but is it worth it. Cheaper and easier to buy a gsx

  6. Followed your post from 1320's recent video. Man this Talon is awesome! Great content!
    That's super cool he does his own tuning!
    The Anti lag is cool but the downside to this, as you might imagine, is that the combustion forces within the turbine housing apply a large amount of stress on turbocharger components and greatly reduce the life span of these expensive parts.

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