INSANE CRASH! Ron Fleming Hunsaker Racing Drag Bug Crashed at Bugorama #87 Sacramento, California

It was a frightening moment when we saw Ron Fleming driving the Hunsaker Racing race car losing control at the finish line with top speed, and crashing into the guardrail so hard. Thank God, Ron Fleming walked away, but he got some minor injuries.

Ron Fleming talks about the crash at Bugorama #87
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  1. Glad he walked away but we don't need to loose such an incredible and iconic figure of a man.
    I wish I knew just a quarter of the knowledge he holds.
    Crashes are always scary๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

  2. As others mentioned, undoubtedly the cross/tail wind was the cause. Check out the flag pole at the beginning of the vid in the background of the burnout. I remember the NHRA cancelling the last round or 2 of PS a few years back due to unfavorable winds but of course only after a couple of cars had crashed and others had near misses.

  3. Ron is a Superman! His whole attitude was pure Professional. He has raced for many years and knows the ups and downs better than most everyone. Glad you are ok.

  4. Thank God there was no fire as I doubt Daisy Duke in her ridiculous leather stripper boots or anybody else on the rescue crew in flip flops and shorts would have been much help had it ignited.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
    What kind of race track is that?

  5. WOW one hell of a crash……hitting the wall at that speed OMG then I am not sure how many times it rolled…..Ron at his age to walk out of there was pretty lucky. YIKES…..glad you made it Ron. Even the engine got ripped out of the car….but the cage did its job.

  6. i was having a conversation with a guy and i heard a loud noise and then i saw a car door rise above the motor home behind his head, then i saw the back end of a car fly up so yes, probably 10 feet in the air. i knew it was bad and was relieved when I saw him get out

  7. I know he's a cool dude you know he loves Volkswagens work for fat and all that but I'm just saying when you get older you need to be careful cuz an accident like that could just end your life and you'll have a lot more broken hearts than if he was just hanging out in the pits when you get older you need to decide when you're going to stop racing before it's too late it's not that important if it's going to cost you your life

  8. Builder did his his job well! From all of us at Cookerโ€™s over here on the right coast, glad youโ€™re ok Ron!!!! โค๏ธ

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