If You're Worried About Rising Gas Prices, Watch This

Here’s Why Gas Prices are About to Drop Like a Stone, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Why electric cars will lower gas prices in America. The truth about electric car prices. The truth about high gasoline prices at the pump. Gasoline myths versus facts. Why are fuel prices so high? Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 54 years.

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⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
2. Cheap Scan Tool:
3. Professional Socket Set:
4. Wrench Set:
5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
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  2. There's already a global shortage of lithium. U can't recycle it so electric cars are already obsolete. Dig yourself more debt. Keep the corporations happy

  3. I feel like the trend to move in this direction is based more on ideology idealism than critical thinking. Yes in your 10 million population city where you only drive locally this may make sense. Everywhere else there's MasterCard.

  4. who is keeping a car for 12 years maybe 2-3 year max this dude living in the 80s we in the 2000's nobody stay with 1 car that long unless they old and dont car about upgrading nomore lollll

  5. EV are not cheap, but you need to factor other implicit cost that even gas car push on the society. By drilling for oil or burning coal plants you are inflicting much more damage to the environment.
    Air pollution translates to health problems and that burden is not accounted either. With EV you at least have the option to fuel with clean energy such as solar or wind. You don't any options for gas cars.
    EV by no means is cheap, but every technology starts expensive and over time becomes cheaper with advancement.
    Today, I may not save money in the end with EV but I enjoy the convenience of never going to gas station line and not being at the mercy of greed oil corporations.
    Finally I wanted to point out that China is one of the biggest abusers of human rights, but would you stop to buy every consumer product made there. Probably not.
    My point is you need to isolate the problem, human right abuse which is a country's philosophy and the need of raw materials required for things we use.

  6. we bought 3 new cars this year. one of them is an EV. the battery warranty is 8 years/100k miles. we usually trade in our cars every 5 years. the EV replaced my wife's audi a4 (premium gas). she drives around 100 miles a day for work and knew gas prices would keep climbing with the new president. the other new cars are used only when the EV is not available. we plug in every night, never had to use public chargers. the EV is the mid priced out of the three. we also just moved to FL, gas prices are around $4.50/regular.

  7. We must defeat the oil barons even though they're blackmailing us with higher gasoline prices. If they TRULY wanted to slow down or stop electric vehicles from prospering they would make gasoline prices a dollar a gallon. They are like dogs that are being put to death….they will bite and bite until their last breath.

  8. Own a 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia. Drive a 2004 Subaru Legacy as a daily driver. My parents have a Tesla Model 3 and Hyudai Kona.

    The future will be cleaner. Dont forget they put lead in Gasoline not to long ago. Laws can be changed. Better options and alternatives for manufacuring will happen. We are talking about the INCEPTION of electric vehicles lol. 2050 is going to be nuts. I figure 1000km range EVs will be common for base unit in 2030.

  9. People really think electric bills won't skyrocket if everyone's plugging in thier car every night or everytime it dies

  10. Wow Scotty you covered so much in this infomercial.!! From child/ labor/ to the health effects of mining lithium/ to the disinformation about EVs. Meaning gasoline ⛽️ vehicles 🚗 are still a good thing to own.!! Based on the data you just showed. I won’t gets EV . And will stick to driving a gas vehicle going forward. Scotty you should be a senator/ or a politician because you care about people and you really help me make decisions concerning automobiles. So thank you.!!

  11. EV not a viable option for me (I live off grid)
    But the rising cost of gasoline has me rooting for EVs to take over the market
    It’s disgusting the price of gas these days

  12. Every automaker has shifted their R&D to mostly EVs. So fewer and fewer ICE vehicles will be offered over time. The world is headed in this direction, though EVs definitely need to become more affordable.

  13. I agree completely about the enviormental costs of the ev vehicles .
    Right now they're nowhere near where they need to be environmentally safe. However, innovation and production advancement has to begin somewhere. Theres going to be pitfalls, high production costs. As ev tech, in the way of production methods and materials will advance from here on out.
    It took 40yrs to get to this point. Eventually we will decide to go in another direction or find ways to improve and cheapen all these negative externalities. Hopefully.
    I have a I.C car. My brother has a tesla. He got it because its new. Fast. Everytime he charges at a station its half hour to 45min. I dont like that.
    I hope we get it sorted out soon.

  14. Has the ball get poor and the rich get richer and the dumb get done this is what happens my friend that’s the reason why they don’t want anybody to know about free energy thank you that scientist , yes that was year’s back also that big seat the owner of the company I forget the name it’s all kind of deodorant and stuff like that he made a video about that it has to do with life free energy is very of a sudden you look for that video and you can’t find it anymore It’s all about the Benjamins baby…

  15. It’s not like I could turn my wife’s on my Benz into an electric car or My Wife in my Honda Odyssey touring edition to an electrical eat during they’ll figure out some type of crazy name

  16. I really wanted a Toyota Sienna they are so hard to find we got lucky we got a Honda Odyssey 2011 I hope it’s a good year like they say so far so good I love Toyota also Honda Chevy is not Chevy anymore I got a lemon that for a few months was great I had to settle because of my License condition…🥹😳 guess the joke was on me 6k for the truck another 6k under a years time and now I just fed up a nyc mta bus hit and left like he didn’t know he hit a big pickup 🛻

  17. Now I’m looking for work they revoked my License from 2003 to 2023 do you know what they doing in the time they know you’re gonna figure out a way to get behind the wheel especially if you got some health issues and your wife also and of course do anything for your wife right thank god she finally got her License

  18. It is a good idea to change my 2001 C 320 four Matic all the lights to LED the car was stirring for 13 years when I bought it with 64
    Thousand miles only full tune up, has changed, also has treatment cars runs good just a couple of little but expensive thing’s did my brakes over ,tires ,front end work like struts and suspension system Now it seems like I’m leaking antifreeze I forgot the whole pulley system plus AC condenser done Car runs great just that now think I’m going to get some of that world stuff find the leak and use it not going to just jump and buy a Car radiator this minute, Going to need to summer it’s about here

  19. Gas based cars will continue to dominate for 15 more years until EV technology matures up and becomes more efficient. Carbon emission during the making of EV battery is size/range dependent. Bigger the battery , more the emission. Most EVs should recover over 3-6 years of time.

  20. Today the price of gas for my Dodge Ram megacab is $4.07 83 Octane and for diesel ⛽️ it's about $4.50.

    My truck is old. After thousands is still only getting me 8.9mpg. I've been looking at buying the newly announced Ram EV.

    I prefer combustion engine but these prices and the fact that I'm not getting a raise as the price of living goes up cause I'm military. I feel like I'm being forced into looking in to buying an ev.

    Hopefully the price of gas goes down cause soon I ain't gonna be able to get to work with these prices.

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