Ice Cream Cruise 2021: The Experience

The Ice Cream Cruise is our favorite event of the year! To sum up the whole event it is nothing but FUN TIMES AND RACECARS! The cherry on top is that it’s all for a good cause! We raised over $60,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention! The Ice Cream Cruise has a HUGE car show with thousands of cars lining both sides of a 2+ mile long road course, skid pad, drag racing, roll racing, a dyno, a puppy show, and more! EVERY YEAR it gets better and better! Make sure you make it out August 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2022! A huge thank you to EVERYONE involved in making this 2021 event possible. So many volunteers and other great people made this a reality, THANK YOU!

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  1. Hey guys, at 13:10 guy is saying "John Bewley from Full Proof Performance". He is well known in LS world, has has made some of the best czms for the Stock LS classes. John knows how to make em chop too! Hahaha

  2. That turbo diesel, was gnarly smoke, and soot, but honestly, if y’all do diesel truck burnouts my suggestion would be to at least have a pipe or something that will re-direct the soot from the exhaust straight into the air instead of into the crowd, granted the spectators know about diesel trucks and can move but damn that was a lot of soot, like too much. Like make the redirect or pipe a snap on or hose clamp just to help keep that hot exhaust from getting all over people I’m sure a lot of people enjoy the smoke but didn’t enjoy the soot

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