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  1. the type r wheel looks a little more racecar but this setup is sick too. i had a nardi personal in my e350z lovely wheel. dont recall if it was a 310 330 or 350 tho .

  2. I commented on your Instagram post on this install, and I noticed in this video that your setup has the same play that mine does. I have a NRG 2.0 quick release hub with the 350mm Personal wheel. I found that the play seems to be in the wheel itself because if you set the hub down on a flat surface and push on the ring of the wheel, you get some flex out of it. But I mean, having the quick release hub probably adds another degree of play to the setup, too.

  3. Ok, that DEFINITELY shouldn't have engaged the bottom on its own just from pulling on it a little harder. That's most definitely a safety concern there. I'd be sending it back right away.

  4. I know on the og quick release hubs the "safety" button can be removed so you can just pull the ring back and theke the wheel off.

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