I Took My Corvette DRAG RACING!

Taking my bone stock 2012 Grand Sport Corvette to the track for the first time to set some baseline passes!

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  1. Watch Ranger. He knows how to launch a Corvette. Type in "Ranger Corvette" and you will find him here on YouTube. He's run those times in a stock C5.

  2. You need drag radials dude Hoosiers. Should put the car right at 12.3 – 12.4 street tires are dangerous because of the wheel hop.

  3. My bone stock 2018 Grand Sport on Hoosiers ran a 1.8 60ft 12.12 at 114. Ran a 1.74 60ft 12.09 at 115 later but the camera had died. The da that night was about 1800 foot

  4. That orange fury 18 would have given you that sauce sir!!!! Haha if only you got to run that 18 gt with your 1le you had been nice………to still lose haha good runs

  5. I feel your launch pain… My daily is a '99 Vette with a heads/cam/blower LS3 in it. Last week (my second trip to the track) at a DA of 7500, I ran a consistent 12.6 ET, but with a trap speed of 122-123. Obviously, traction is a problem. Equally obviously, if I went down hill to someplace with a reasonable DA, it would be even worse. I'm running the car in exactly the same configuration I use for road trips. Nitto 555s, and no, they're not the R. If you've got any suggestions for launching, I'd love to hear them. One friend suggested sand bags in the rear.

  6. Pretty cool you’re located in Houston/San Antonio I too am in Houston and I just find it cool when I see people on YouTube that are close to me

  7. The Grand Sport with the manual transmission has launch control, which allows you to have a more controlled optimal launch. Look in your owners manual for specifics on its operation.

  8. I'm a mustang guy Ford guy in general but I'm an Enthusiast as well and I have to say your Grand Sport is gorgeous and that's one of the most beautiful colors ever. I live here in Houston technically right behind the fountains off 59 South it'd be awesome to see you over at the local car show at Otto's BBQ in the fountains

  9. You need to get rid of your piece of shit tires put the right tires back on good year f1 high speed tire have them on my s ls3 corvette ran a 11.96

  10. Wow, would have expected more. My bone stock 12 Charger SRT8 I was running 12.8 @108. Tires were also its achilles heal, with a 2.0 60' it was either bog or spin off the line nothing in between

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