I Think I Got RIPPED OFF on This 496 Stroker Camaro..

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  1. That car with a 300hp small block or the stokes big block will not change the value of the car as much as you would think, and that motor is very expensive that's in the car, so I would say have fun but when the day comes to sell, swap the engine and call it a day, then put the engine in a different project, stay strong

  2. Diesels are for towing not Hot Rodding the chant withstand high RPMs that's why you see all these kids from the oilfield blowing them up all the time you want a hot rod with a hot rod engine not to mention diesels sound like crap common sense

  3. No replacement for displacement…keep it a big block, that's what a muscle car is. What a muscle car is not, is something that can pull your house off it's foundation…leave that to a truck. A Duramax in a square body, now that makes sense. The Camaro can be a long slow build while a clean square body or K10 can get turned into a proper beastly Duramax/Allison house wrecker. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!
    Good sale, lambo's are for posers and yuppies anyway. Lol.
    I had a square body with the 6.2 liter Detroit diesel and I liked it but it was a slow pig that was thirsty and even had the Bank's sidewinder turbo. Ran like a top but, it was quite far from being a Duramax or I wouldn't have gotten rid of that tall beast.

  4. I would beautify it and sell it . Wheels tires seats dash carpet paint and fill . And flip it to the first teen who can muster up the cash . Some cars are just not feasible restore or revamp . Put some lipstick on that pig and move it on down the road . NEXT !

  5. Before you get yourself or someone else hurt or even killed, take the engine and trans out and send the car to a Fab Shop. It needs to be squared up, frame tied and a roll cage. The car is a unibody and will never take much power in its condition. 450 hp would put a wrinkle in the roof if the tires hooked up. Its a death trap in its current condition.

  6. I mean a Cummins swap would be much easier lol you would be dumping a lot more money with the D-MAX swap I personally would keep it the way it is I think it’s badass the way it sits🤷🏻‍♂️ sounds mean AF💪🏻

  7. Going to the big auctions isnt a great way to buy a car unless youre looking to pay top dollar. Also, if you plan on modding the car id suggest not getting a fully documented numbers matching car to begin with. A documented ls6 in good condition will run 120k minimum generally and thats often not with great options. If you want to collect, i say go for it. If you want it to work on and make your own youre far better off buying a well optioned SS thats not numbers matching or documented and go crazy with it. Youll get way more car for a fraction of the price.

  8. One thing I think is stupid is always asking for these outrageous amounts of likes just to get you to do something you should be doing either way to gain more viewers from content.

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