I Called Out Ryan Martin FIRST Round at the No Prep Kings Finals in Texas for the Championship

With a slight chance to catch up to Ryan Martin in the points Championship, I called him first round at the No Prep Kings finals in Ennis Texas. Would he take the callout? Be sure to check out the Shocker Club Patreon if you are interested in even more behind the scenes content! www.patreon.com/kyekelleyracing
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Videography & Edit by Jeff Killingsworth


  1. These double points at the end is bull.. it's penalizing for the person that is in first place whether it be Ryan or someone else. It's just so happen him and his team are the goats. No matter what you throw at him for now.
    Don't hate just because he's a 3 Peet. It could have been anyone. No I'm not just a Ryan. I'm a NPK Fan.. kye you'll figure it out..

  2. Watched the episode where Scott took out Ryan first round leasing to you to go all the way to the final and win to tie in points with Ryan. You are my favorite driver in Npk (no offense Lizzy!) Always love watching you go down the track. You are deserving of a championship Kye and it will come next season, just know it!

  3. yo is it me or did Jim howe get real fast like over night?? anyways you are still the man to come in 2nd over all the other bad ass drivers in npk! good luck next season and keep the content coming for us youtubers.

  4. I know everyone has their personal favorite….but….BOTH are great racers, tuners, and builders. PLUS THE DEMEANER, ATTITUDE, and don't come across nasty, vulgar, or confrontational is a HUGE BONUS.
    This NPK season wasn't a big soap opera, who needs that….we came to see these cars race and didn't hear the long drawn out affair before each race. WOULDNT MATTER TO ME WHO WON BETWEEN KYE and RYAN…I ENJOY BOTH THE DRIVERS AND CARS.

  5. Kye Kelly. I’m calling you out. I’m just kidding man. Been following you for years. Didn’t like you much at first. Beating up on my boy Big Chief and all. After watching the other shows you were in. I said Kye is actually a pretty good dude!

  6. Kye I know you are Nitros all the way but, maybe if you changed one of your cars to a different power outer then you might get that edge. Just a thought

  7. You have to step your game up you're not going to get the horsepower you need to beat guys like Ryan Newman with that nitrous car you have to put a supercharger with nitrous and alcohol but I don't know they will allow you to run alcohol but you have to do something or you will stay second

  8. Adam: That's why we're a good team"
    That short sentence says everything that needs to be said. When you give it all you've got and there's nothing more to give, there can be no regrets. Congratulations on all of the hard work and it was one heck of a great season!

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