I Built The Ultimate 2500HP Daytona Streetcar | RIDICULOUS RIDES

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YOU wouldn’t believe this car is allowed on the roads. With 2,500 horsepower that was originally designed to beat Ford at NASCAR, the Daytona Charger is a monster. Wally, who built it, says it’s scary to drive. He made his first Daytona in 1991 but one of his big regrets is that he sold it on. Years later he tried to track it down but the new owner refused to sell. And that’s why he built this adrenaline-spiking automobile, or as he describes it “the ultimate over-the-top extreme street car.”

Producer: Ruby Coote
Editor: William Strange

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  1. It’s awesome except for the front nose it just looks out of place like you took it off another car and stuck it on but it’s a cool ride mate well done

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