I Bought The Cheapest Camaro On Facebook Marketplace

Well, this is a wild one. It went from buying a Minnesota project car, to finding drugs and an insane history with the car! Its a 1999 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 equipped with an LS1 engine, T56 (T-56) transmission, and a 4.56 geared 10 bolt transmission.

The car has been modified with what appear to be Pacesetter Longtube headers, and an SLP Catback exhaust. It also has an SLP Lid, and and SLP line lock. The rear end has been modified with adjustable lower control arms as well as an adjustable panhard bar (panhard rod).

In this video we service the car with an oil change, as well as replacing the high pressure power steering hose.

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  1. Yes lots of history in that Camaro of yours. BTW the pictures of your car in Hawaii were taken at the H3 look out about a mile from Kaneohe Marine Corp Hawaii and the other shot was from another look out near the hair pin on the Pali Highway. Hope that helps and Merry Christmas!

  2. That is a great story, a lot of the fun with these older cars is the history of where they have been. Also the underneath on that car looked super clean, its a shame the outside has the whiskey dents but still for the $$$ you can't beat it.

  3. Crazy history with this car. The video at the end from the prior owner made national news when he uploaded the spin out on city streets got in big trouble. I bet he had to sell it to pay his lawyer bills!

  4. I bought a third gen Camaro from a guy who claimed he needed money for a lawyer. I was skeptical of that claim, but a rock-solid believer in this case!

  5. It's so strange to see a well done channel from my hometown. Do you post meets at the track somewhere? I wouldn't mind bringing a toy out.

  6. I've traced ownership on 2 cars I've bought.
    One car went through a curbstone dealer that was shortly there after was arrested for trying to abduct a kid at a bus stop.
    The other car had an owner that died under suspicious circumstances, his son was accused of the murder but it was never proven he did it.
    Oh, I forget about one from decades ago. Shortly after I bought the car the guy was arrested for robbing a bank.

  7. Dang what small world. That's my old dealer. It closed down during the GM bankruptcy fiasco. Your 2nd pronunciation of Copperas Cove was correct. It's located next to Fort Hood. Great job on the find & looking forward to your future endeavors.

  8. How would you go about fixing the dash? I tried using bondo and wire mesh with my Firebird dash but it’s just broken into so many pieces I gave up. I want to try again with one that’s not so cracked lol.

  9. What tools were needed to change the power steering line and was it the low pressure line? I have a 98 Trans Am that needs a low pressure line and I'm looking for some tips before I change it. Thanks.

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