HUMMER EV VS Lamborghini Urus VS RAM TRX Drag Race!!! *THIS IS INSANE*

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  1. EVs are charged with fossil fuels, and if you’re saying 1 hour = 10 miles of charge than that’s using far more fossil fuels than an ICE vehicle.

  2. I can't wait for the C8 Z06. I've heard it in person, and it sounds amazing. BUT, if it's speed you want, you want a Tesla Plaid in the garage with your other cars. Drag Times has amazing content on his Tesla and other fast cars in his garage. And if you had draggy gps you could run all your different vehicles and know how fast they all where.

  3. Need a dedicated home charger. I get about 40ish miles per hour of charge and that allows me to start each day with a fully battery.

  4. Lol it’s the future I have to park this thing down the street from my house and charge it for ten hours to get half a charge LoFl , ok 🤦‍♂️

  5. your "saving the environment" comment couldn't be more wrong. You were educating him, now let me educate you… Google a picture of a lithium mine.

  6. It’s the only EV I’d consider if I could spend the💰. pricey and too new for me. Let’s see what the 5year reliability goes. It would be a cool lease if that’s possible. I got to get to work. Lol

  7. It's a cool toy in the way of an RC Car…. I bet it be amazing to get your wrecked one and put a duramax in it…. lol V8 forever. Batteries in my flashlights and my tools ok. But I draw the line after electric chainsaws. I don't even consider an electric ride on mower… not even a scooter or a bike…. in my garage you will find 3 GM 5.3 V8s and a Chevy 350 V8. Silverado Yukon and a Teans Am T-Top

  8. the lvl 2 chargers in your home is anywhere from 13 to 22 miles per hr. all depends on your possible hook up and if you have a 200 amp serves where you can have a dedicated 60amp for that line. if so you could do it with the 20 miles per hr and just plug in every day just like your phone.

    I have to admit owning one and charging is tough on a trip. however with more lvl 3 chargers getting put in it will become better. give it 5 years and I feel it will make travel a lot less stressful in an EV. the idea of being able to use teslas network and then more of the EVgo, chargepoints, rivian's network etc. Hopefully BP, shell, and other gas stations will start to merge into having all 3 types (gas, diesel, and electric) available so no one has to go out of your way to get it done.

    overall I agree if I had a choice between the TRX or the hummer it would be the TRX all day every day.

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