How We Got Invited On the Street Outlaw No Prep Kings Show! $5,000 GRUDGE RACE VS KYE KELLEY!!!

In todays video we explain How We Got Invited On the Street Outlaw No Prep Kings Show! $5,000 GRUDGE RACE VS KYE KELLEY!!! ENJOY!!!!!



IM a 24 year old kid living in Florida driving race cars and trying to turn a dream into reality!


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  1. Keep doing your thing! Proud of you! Been following and chatting from time to time with your dad since 2007ish back in yellowbullet days and now i follow you both. Enjoy seeing people successfull at what they love.

  2. well this is gator-man I alive today because of a great racer he died in a car crash 5/1/1994 this is one of the main things steering shaft broke when in ? or rules changed to stop traction control i got a newer 2016 chevy truck 4×4 auto traction & control this type might help you, ( this guy told me info i had to ask my uncle he saw my father, this is who talked to my father , what this guy the race driver said this person was my true brother, not step brother, who is the person! he told me ask forest wood he dead now! his money partner too shot himself at home! over family problems with his wife!

  3. It doesn't matter "how" you win, it's all about "if" you win. As long as you're within the rules and all that good stuff. I'm a new sub to the Swan Gang channel, and dig the content y'all pit out. Keep up the good work!

    *Even though I really dislike 1/8 mile racing. I'm a 1/4 mile guy. They definitely bang it out in the 1/8 but I find that it's not as exciting or thrilling as a 1/4. Just my opinion and I still watch most of the 1/8 mile stuff, depending who's running. 1/8 mile doesn't give .me a true opinion on who's faster. I love seeing guys running other guys down in the 1/4

  4. Justin: i enjoyed listening to you and and your Dad . I am a fan of yours you are a for real dude , listen to you i did not know it was so much politics involved in becoming a up and coming drag racing star , your bless to have a cool dad for support .

  5. You are paying your dues like all those that deserve the opportunity to do what you love. You ARE the next generation to carry on the sport. The Southern Grass Roots, Family, Values, Determination, and Don't say No attitude will manifest your Dreams for you and dad. Btw, being from his generation, i love the terminology in words lmao.

  6. Fuck them who are talking that BS!!
    Have to be honest, I lost my dad and it made me feel good for you when big country was talking about your wreck, Had tears! That's was awesome

  7. The next time you come to galot Motorsports in North Carolina and big country I love it when Paul comes up there and talked with us as well you just need to get you off and Mama country in some videos im in North Carolina I live in Raleigh I'm about 15 minutes from the track I sent you my email get in contact with me and maybe we can talk some day I'm a big race fan I've been subscribed to you for a long time and would love to get your autograph stay true stay blessed stay racing my wife her granddaddy lives in Bradenton and her mama has a place in Sarasota

  8. Dude loved hearing your dad talking about tuning and pretty everything else too. Glad you're starting the podcast just watched an episode, if you have your competition on friends or not should be cool. Definitely looking forward to it.

  9. Happy for you, don't worry about haters. If you work like you do, your going to be a winner. It will come. Hats off to you and your team, go get them. Show them that Justin is a force to be reckon with.

  10. Ok, my first video of you guys. Have to admit, I am a fan. Big Country is awesome. All the little quirky things he said about Justin, great guys. Best of luck this year to Homeboy

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